Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jessica's Endoscopy went well

We are home! Miss Jess did such a great job with the endoscopy and everyone at the hospital were great! They let Karl and I back into the procedure room while they got her hooked up to the monitors and the IV in. They wanted us to leave and Jess started to cry... I asked them if they had given her anything to make her sleep yet and they said no. They were kind enough to put some versed through her IV and get her more comfortable before making us leave. Jessica had traced a picture for the Dr. and his nurse and gave it to them before she was put to sleep. She is so sweet. Everyone in pre-op and in recovery were telling her what a good patient she is and how they wished every patient was as good as her.

The GI doctor told us that Jessica's stomach is inflamed. She has gastritis and multiple ulcerations. Apparently the Prevacid that she's been taking twice a day hasn't done anything to relieve it. Poor baby! No wonder she has been in so much pain. The good news is that we have a new prescription to help coat the stomach and heal the ulcers. It has to be taken 4 times a day but I'll do anything to help her feel better. The doctor also took several biopsies and we should have those results back in about 3 days. He said that her upper intestines look good and so does her esophagus but he took biopsies of those too just to make sure.

What a relief that there is something that we can do to help her! It will take awhile for the new medication to work and we need to wean her off the prevacid but hopefully before long she will be feeling a lot better.

Jessica and Karl are watching the new movie: "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest" right now. Austin and Brandon will be home soon and I am going to have a nap! :-)

Thanks to everyone who sent emails of support. I was feeling quite emotional since finding out from the neurologist that we can't do anything to help her headaches (which can be severe at times). I am so relieved that we can actually do something to help make Jess more comfortable... at least I hope it works.

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