Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My 3 Songs If All Other Music DIED

I was tagged by Jennyhaha with her post My 3 Songs If All Other Music DIED.

Here's the rules: If you had to pick three songs to listen to--before never being able to listen to music ever again--what would you pick? Please note - you’re not dying or going deaf or anything like that.. you can just never listen to music ever again. It can be anything you like. For any reason.

Jenny tagged me back in February so you know I've been thinking long and hard about this. Hey, I take my homework assignments seriously! I had one song picked out like that *snapping fingers* but the other two took some time.

The first song is One More Day by Diamond Rio and features the poem: The Last Time. In some ways I am fortunate enough to have a daughter who has almost lost her life numerous times and is considered terminally ill because it causes me to pause and think "what if this is the last day I have with her here on earth?" My husband's job is a dangerous one and he has come home many times and has said, "God protected me today". We should all live life as if it is our last - smell the flowers, enjoy the beauty in nature, spend time with our loved ones, smile more and say "I love you" as often as we can.

The next song is You Raised Me Up. I love this song - it not only reminds me of my family but of my faith in Christ. He raises me up whenever I feel overwhelmed. He has comforted me during the darkest times when my daughter has been fighting for her life and He has assured me that even if she does pass on, she will be in a wonderful, peaceful place and He will sustain me.

And lastly, this song could have been written specifically for Jessica and me. I sang this song to her at a church talent show several years ago and dedicated it to her on our family website. JENSENLAND- Jessica's journey with CHD "

Jessica has taught many people many things. As her mother, I have learned the true meaning of unconditional love. Jessica taught me to never give up and that God is truly in charge. Have faith in HIM and you can see miracles. I want to dedicate the song "BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME" sung by Celine Dion. Jessica may have needed my strength when she was weak, my voice when she couldn't speak, me to be her eyes when she couldn't see, but I'm everything I am because she loved me."


Flawed And Disorderly said...

Oh my gosh! You get the highest grade in the class! Your song choices were excellent! I love all three of them. I liked that version of You Raised Me Up. It gave me chills! Thanks for playing along. I think your daughter is such an inspiration! And I think it's awesome that she got to go to school for a few hours! Wow! That's huge! I'm happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Awesome song choices. I'm working on my homework :) this is really tough though.

Flawed And Disorderly said...

ACK! For some reason I woke up this morning and thought, "I never linked to Nancy on this tag!!!" Then I started wondering who I else I forgot. I'm going to be gone most of today, but I will try to get to it before the weekend is over if possible. Sorry!

Now I have to go back and figure out if you're the same Nancy who just tagged me. :) Are you? I'm confused now.

But first I have to go see if I forgot to link to Gman. :( I'm too forgetful!

Nancy Jensen said...

Jenny, yes, I am the same person who just tagged you. I have two blogs. This one and a 2nd one that's mainly for silly/fun stuff.

I agree with you about that version of "You Raised Me Up". I am so glad I found it. It's my favorite one now. And thanks for your comments about my daughter. :-)

Nancy Jensen said...

GoofyJ, I agree that picking the 3 songs was hard but I'm happy with my choices. I can't wait to see what you choose!

I'm working on my homework too. lol

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and beautiful songs. That would be a really tough meme!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment .... I look forward to reading more here :)