Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

I have debated whether to blog this or not but it's too darn cute/funny not to. The names of the guilty (or innocent) parties are being left out except fot mine and Jessica's. hehe... Let me preface this conversation by reminding you, the reader, that Jess is at the level (emotionally, socially, academically) of about an 8 year old.

Jessica's home health aide arrived today and Jessica decided to tell her about a young woman we know who is pregnant. Said young woman is still in her teens and unmarried.

Jessica announced "She had sex with a boy!"

Both the aide and I stood and looked each other in the eye, being shocked at her announcement and also trying not to laugh.

"And she did it the wrong way!" Jessica continued.

The aide and I couldn't contain ourselves any longer and we burst out laughing, both of us turning bright red. I'm standing there wondering what she meant by her last statement. I didn't know there was a right way or wrong way and wondered if I had been doing it wrong all these years. lol

So I asked Jess what she meant about doing it the wrong way and she said, "She isn't married." Big sigh of relief! The aide and I both are trying to control our laughter.

Then Jessica tells me that she needs my help in the bathroom and leaves. The aide told me that she was shocked by what Jessica had said since she didn't think that Jess knows anything about that stuff. I told her that Jess was quite confused when she found out her friend was pregnant and couldn't understand how that happened because her friend isn't married. As an answer I told her that her friend had sex with a boy. Then Jess asked me if sex meant kissing...

I hear a muttled voice from the bathroom, "I CAN HEAR YOU!!!" Then laughter.

Later Jess asked me, "Am I older than (friend)?"

Me, "Yes, you are."

Jess, "Have I always been older?"

She is still my little girl. :-D


Anonymous said...


Talk about having to think on your feet! What a hoot!

I think you pulled it off well. :)

Nancy Jensen said...

It is never boring at my house. I quite often have to come up with some type of answer with this girl of mine. Awwwwww.... such innocence!