Monday, October 02, 2006

Prayers for my Nephew

I just don't even know how to start this post. I am numb... My sister's 15 year old son, Marcus, has been having some problems and had an MRI today. He has a brain tumor. They are admitting him to the hospital to do more testing and probably surgery within a couple of days. We don't know if it's malignant - but probably so. My sister and her family live several states away and I wish I could just drop everything here and go be with them. They have 3 sons who are younger than Marcus and they sure could use the help, I'm sure. I just hope and pray the doctors can do what's best for marcus and that he comes through this ok. My sister and brother-in-law could also use some prayers. I'll never forget the day Jessica was diagnose with her CHD and how our lives were turned up-side-down over night... and forever. Now it's my younger sister who is having to find the strength and her family who's world is coming crashing down around them. At least Jessica was just a tiny baby when she was first diagnosed and then "lived" at the hospital. Marcus is 15 years old and has been very active and was in marching band. I pray for comfort and peace for him, too. To make everything more stressful, we have a cousin who died several years ago from a malignant brain tumor at just about the same age that Marcus is now. We of course miss our cousin and are hoping and praying that Marcus's outcome is much better.

Thanks for any encouraging words. Jessica freaked out when she found out that her cousin had to have an MRI.... so right now I am only telling the kids that he has to go back into the hospital for more tests. No sense in both of us being up crying all night tonight, right? When surgery is scheduled, I'll tell the kids and we can all pray together.


Anonymous said...

Praying hard for Marcus, his parents, siblings and all of your family... May he find the strength he needs to get through this and may his recovery be fast so that he can get home soon...
~Tammy, Zoe and Zurik's Mom

Anonymous said...

oh Nancy, I now it sounds harsh but it may not be Cancer, my Cousin 6 years ago now was found to have a brain tumour the site of it was behind left eye in line with ear, and yes she had to have it removed,, and yes there were problems afterwards like if someone had a stroke, her left side was numb for a while and she had a personality change (personality wise she has always been a miserable moo) but every thing else went intime,,.. I am sure Marcus will be fine, but figers will be crossed that although slow he makes a great recovery