Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's nearly 3:45am and what am I doing up??? Trying to get Miss Jess to settle in to sleep. I absolutely HATE this. No wonder I'm grouchy and my house is a mess, I don't get much sleep. Jess must be part vampire or just nocturnal... poor kid can't sleep. Well, let's put it this way. Sometimes she can't sleep, other times she WON'T sleep. This girl has taken enough drugs (yes, doctor prescribed) to take down a 400 lb person, yet this little 126 pounder is going strong. I believe she stayed awake (crying and feeling sorry for herself - and throwing a temper tantrum) during the peak time that the meds were working so she missed her opportunity for the meds to work well.

We are supposed to see the pulmonary doctor at 10:00 am but I don't know how we will make it now. We rescheduled the last appointment because she had just gotten out of the hospital and was sleeping. I guess the interns, or whoever, didn't let the pulmonary doc know she had been admitted for CHF so she could see Jess while she was there. Oh well.... she has finished eating her snack so I had better see if I can get her tucked in. Again.

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