Friday, October 12, 2012

I sang the song "Because You Loved Me" (by Celin Dion) at a church talent show.  We took the picture below at that event.

 I dedicated the song to Jessica.  It was almost as if this song was written about us.  I was her eyes when she couldn't see, her voice when she couldn't speak.... but she saw the best there was in me and gave me faith because she believed...
  I am everything I am because she loved me.  

I miss you my beautiful angel Jess.  I was so very blessed to have you in my life and to be able to take care of you for so long.  You taught me how to have a voice.  You taught me how to be strong when I was weak.  You taught me how to push forward when I wanted to give up.  You taught me how to look for the good in everyone and every situation.  You taught me to cherish the good times and smile through the bad.  But most of all,

  You taught me how to love as Christ does - to love completely and unconditionally.   

Thank you, my beautiful girl.  Mommy Loves You.