Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 3 little kittens they lost their mittens and they began to cry....

That song keeps going through my head because.... as you know, it's NEVER boring at our house... there is always something going on. The latest: we have 3 little kittens who's mother (who is also just a kitten and a farrel we've been feeding but can't catch) is running out of milk and the neighbor is threatening to kill them if they get into his yard again. So we have to cage them up in an old rabbit cage that my hubby build quite a few years ago (but the bunnies have since died of old age). The cage is large enough for the kittens to run a little and climb around but we get them out and let them play in our house and back yard and spend time with their mother. She is still trying to nurse them once a day and I imagine it's good for her and the kittens. edited to add: we had to stop allowing them to spend time with their mother because she tried to hide them and we were afraid they would end up getting run over.  We ended up taking two into our home - the orange one who we named Hanz and the short-faced one who ended up being a girl and we named her Bella. We feed them the wet cat food and they really dive into it. They are so stinkin' cute! But of course they get the food all over themselves and end up very dirty. I've had to wash the stinkers. They do have two little litter boxes and they are learning to use them quite nicely.

I am trying to teach them to drink from a bowl and it is so funny! One tries to bite the milk (special formula from Wal-Mart) and the other two are afraid they will get too wet and don't understand that they need to lick it. The kittens chewed off the nipples of the special kitten bottles so I have to feed them with an oral syringe. Of course we have plenty of those around. lol

Here is the orange one exploring water shortly after we watered the orange tree.
He is very curious but cautious. We've learned that he doesn't like being alone... he wants to be near one of his siblings.

Isn't he she cute? SHE has kind of a flat face and is quite cuddly... well, sometimes she is.

We named this one Scampers and when he was old enough we gave him to one of Jessica's home health aides.

These two look a lot alike but in real life you can see the color differences and of course the one in the back has a flatter face. The one in front we call scampers because he loves to scamper around and get into trouble. He is the one who led his sibblings into the neighbor's yard. Fortunately the neighbor's neice we there visiting and helped us get started feeding these little guys. Unfortunately she was called away and isn't around anymore. She does want to keep Scampers but she was called to duty in Irak... I don't know how for how long she will be gone. I'm sad she had to leave, too. She is a true hero. Not only is she a soldier, ex-police officer but a cancer survivor too. She gave me her address and phone # and I hope we can keep in touch. She is a reall trooper! (every pun inteded) lol

What a cute little kitten! We don't have a name for him yet. Any suggestions? We named him Hanz and call him Hanzie.  He is still such a lovable cat.

Scamper has the most adorable eyes!

Brandon with Scampers.

Brandon is such a natural with these kittens. He is also very protective of them.

Jessica also loves the kittens. She has helped me feed them too.

We are going to keep the one with the short face... at least that is the plan for now. We don't have any takers for the orange one and as far as we can tell, they are all boys... but they are still very small and we aren't 100% sure about any of them. The plan is to capture their mother and have her "fixed" and then fix the one we are going to keep. There is one cat that has been eating at our house for awhile and we think he is the dad. He isn't coming around much since Taz has had the kittens. (I named her Taz after the Tazmanian devil because I caught her once and all I saw was fur and nails as she ripped my hands apart trying to get away! LOL) So Taz has chased White Toes away for the most part but I think he may come back more often once Taz has stopped nursing her babies and has been fixed. BTW, the kittens showed up on Jessica's 21st birthday! They were barely able to walk a little and Taz was dragging one kitten towards the food we had left out for her. I went around the corner of the house and found two more kittens! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSICA! :-) She was so sick that she only got to hold one kitten and then had to go back to bed with her major migraine and vomitting. (My poor baby!) You can read more about that post if you scroll down my blog page. I'm too tired and lazy to post a link right now. I had better get to bed since it's 5:30am now! yikes!

Good night and thanks for visiting! By the way... these cute kitten were discovered on Jessica's 21st birthday!  What a blessing they have been and continue to be.  


Awesome Mom said...

Aww cute kittens! I would love to take one off your hands but alas we live to far away and I am mildly allergic to cats. I still love them though so if I want one I will just suffer through that.

PS. The word verification wort is catembac. I thought it was funny that the cat part of the word was in a post about cats.

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!! THe biggest problem with kittens is they grow up to become cats - I love kittens so much I wish they could stay kittens all the time :-D

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!