Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marcus's Memorial

Marcus's Memorial

Click on the link above to read Marcus's obituary. There is also a guestbook that you can read and sign if you like.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another prayer request....

I know I've had a lot of prayer requests lately. This time the prayers are for the family of a childhood friend of mine. Stephen Bowman and I grew up together - literally from birth to High School graduation. We were the best of buddies. Before school age we hung out together since our families went to church together and were friends. In grade school we ate lunch at each other's homes, we biked and roller skated together, did gymnastics together and of course went to church and other activities together. In High School (we had combined middle school & high school) we took art, band, choir and other classes together. Stephen was a brilliant pianist and he played for me many times when I performed (singing - yes, I used to sing solos). He also accompanied me when I played my clarinet. My mom accompanied me many times but Stephen (aka: Stevie) played for me as well. Our senior year in High School we had two of the leads on the musical "Oklahoma!" together. I played Laurie and he was Will. We had so much fun over the years, playing together as kids and then doing the drama, art and musical stuff together as teens. We would try to beat each other's scores in different subjects but he usually won - he was valedictorian and I merely an honor student. lol We challenged each other in art class and I have to say we were both pretty talented. ;)

So why the prayer request for his family? Well, it seems that a few days ago Steve wasn't feeling well and couldn't sleep. He took a couple of sleeping pills and went to bed... and died in his sleep. No pre-existing conditions... he just died. He leaves behind a wonderful wife and 4 children. I don't know his family very well since we didn't keep in touch much after High School. We just recently reconnected on facebook and I was so excited to get caught up with him and his family, etc. Now he is suddenly gone.

I'll miss my childhood buddy. Even though we haven't been in contact much, it's just an empty feeling knowing that I CAN'T contact him or see him again. I met his wife once, many years ago, (back when I was pregnant with Jessica), but that was the last time I remember ever seeing Steve. Here is a picture of his family that he left for me on my facebook wall about a month ago. Please say a prayer for them that they can get through this difficult time.