Friday, March 04, 2011

Families Can Be Together Forever

I learned this song as a child and have always loved it. It helps me to remember that I will see my sweet Jessica again and that we can live together forever. I haven't posted since her passing - 5 months ago today.  I just haven't felt emotionally up to posting here but I have posted a lot on facebook. I like that I can post just a few sentences a day on fb and be done.  I'll try to post more here because I like that I can label my posts and easily look them up later.  The past few days I've been looking over my "Jessica" posts to find the fun events in her life.  She had so much pain and suffering that she endured... those are the thoughts that tend to flood my mind... so I am looking for the joyful moments and the smile on her sweet face.  These are the moments that I NEED to remember.  She will NEVER have to endure pain again!  I'm so very proud of her. 

Our family has been going through a lot as my youngest son is having a lot of medical problems. We are seeking treatments with several doctors, therapists and our bishop. He has received several priesthood blessings and I know that he will be healed. Better days are ahead. We just have to keep hoping, praying and working towards that goal.  We also won't always hurt this much at the thought of her being in heaven.  It's hard - oh, so hard - to think of how long it will be until we see her again - but this journey will be worth it!