Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jessica's Disney Princess on Ice Adventure

*This post was originally published on 1-12-2008 which was almost 3 years before Miss Jess passed away.  I found a video that I wanted to add to this post so it's there now.  I hope you enjoy these photos and memories.  They sure bring me comfort and joy.*
Here are some pictures of Jessica's adventure to "Disney's Princess On Ice" show that we went to in October. (I know, I'm extremely behind on posting pictures so in the next few weeks I'm going to be my attempt to catch up and post more photos!)

Our local Tu Nidito support group and the ice show planned a little surprise for the girls to meet Belle and Cinderella at the Z-mansion before the show. They also gave us 4 free tickets to see the show so Karl and Austin went with Jess and me.

(As always, click on any photo to see a larger image.)

Here is Princess Jess all dressed up and ready to go to meet the Disney princesses!

Miss Jess in the courtyard of the Z-mansion waiting for the princesses to get there.

Jess and Mom

Jessica made necklaces for the princesses and I helped her wrap them up.  Here's a little video of her giving the princesses their gifts.  The princesses were very surprised that someone was so thoughtful to make and give them gifts.

Princess Jess with Cinderella and Belle

Cinderella and Belle wrote little thank you notes to Jessica which really made Jessica's day.

Here are the autographs. One of the assistants to the Disney princesses took Jessica's notebook to get the autographs. There were too many girls and not enough time for they all to get autographs.... so the assistant sneaked the notebook to the princesses after they left the courtyard. Wasn't that nice?!

Now it's time for the show! These are some photos that I took with my own camera. Since Jessica is in a wheelchair, we were at the very top of the seating area. Fortunately we were right in the center so we still had a great view. My camera also has a zoom function so I was able to get a bunch of great photos of the show. I'm only putting up a fraction of those photos here. [I can hear you all sighing with relief!]

Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin carrying Jasmine as they whirl around the ice rink!

Wow... look at them skate!

This is Ariel's story now. She is in the center of the photo. Click on it to enlarge and see if you can find her.

Ariel and Flounder

Intermission fun with Austin and Jess: Daddy bought Princess Jess the Ariel wand. Yes, it lights up and even sings too!

Cinderella all ready to go to the ball

Prince Charming asks for this dance

Getting ready for a big jump - too bad I missed the jump! LOL

This time Tinkerbell is in the ball and it shoots out sparklers!

The finale: All the princes and princesses skate beautifully!

I am so glad that we had the opportunity to go to this show. Jessica really enjoyed it and still talks about it. It was nice that Austin wanted to go to spend time with his sister. Justen and Brandon didn't really care to go but we would have had to purchase their tickets (which we would have done) but they wouldn't have been able to sit with us so they stayed at home. I am so psyched that I got so many great pictures! I had better work on scrapbooking them!