Saturday, July 30, 2011

Butterfly Girl

I found this image online and it made me think of my beautiful girl, Miss Jess, in heaven who can finally dance and fly with the butterflies.  

I had a rough day today, you see, one year ago we found out from the GI doctor that our daughter was indeed in starvation mode... her GI system was shutting down due to her terminal GI illness. We didn't know that we only had 2 months left with our angel on earth. I keep having flashbacks of that day and the months following... so many difficult moments... but precious ones as well. Just wish I could kiss her cheek and hear her telling me how much she loves me one more time.

Of course one more kiss and hug would leave me wanting one more and one more.  At least I took the opportunity to get as many hugs and kisses and "I love you's" as I could while she was still here.  We had many private moments and talks which I cherish.  I hope that the good memories will help me going while dealing with the difficult ones as they come.

Last weekend we celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a wonderful event.  I hope to have photos back from my dear friend and photographer soon.  I missed my girl so very much but knew that she would have been way to sick to even attend the event had she still been alive.  I'm sure that she and her cousin, Marcus, were there enjoying the rest of my parent's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  My parents both had siblings who were able to make it to their celebration too and it was so wonderful to see them again.  

My husband reminded me that I shouldn't forget to include my cousin, Martin, who died about 14 yrs ago from a brain tumor when I speak of Jessica and Marcus - and he's right.  I didn't know Martin very well since he was much younger than myself but he touched our lives in a way only he could.  When he was fighting his cancer we drove to the Phoenix area (about 2 1/2 hrs from our home) to visit him and my aunt and uncle to offer them support.  It meant a lot to them that we would go and be there with them.. . and it blessed our lives to be able to offer our love and support to them as well.  Caring for a medically fragile child for so many years has offered Karl and I an opportunity to be so much more compassionate towards anyone dealing with an illness, disability or special needs.  I have found that it's one thing that helps lift my spirits - offering support and love to others who are either caring for a loved one with special needs/medical issues or who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  

I hope to be back soon with photos of our amazing family celebration honoring my parent's 50th anniversary.  I'm so thankful for them and their commitment to the gospel and to each other.