Monday, May 11, 2009

I almost forgot....

to update you about the horrible flu we had. It wasn't the SWINE flu .... althought my kids do act like little piggies at times!

Jessica, Austin and Karl are all feeling MUCH better. Karl is still coughing some but at least is able to sleep and work. Austin has been back to school for about a week and is catching up on his school work. Justen is coughing a little here and there but I think it's mostly allergies at this point... in fact, I wouldn't be surprised is Karl's cough is allergy related too. Jessica is still on prednisone but I'm going to call her pulmonary doctor today and see about weaning her off of it. It is making her puffy, ornery and she REALLY can't sleep at night. Fortunately Brandon and I didn't get the cough. My voice was raspy and my sinuses are still giving me some trouble (not extreme) but I think it's allergy related too. I have these same problems every fall and every spring. Lucky me!

I am so thankful everyone in my home that was sick is getting better. I'm exhausted from taking care of everyone while they were sick. I think I need a vacation. My older brother and his family are going to Hawaii later this month. I wonder if I can fit into a VERY LARGE suitcase and go with them? haha!

Thank you for checking in on us and I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. It's been a rough few weeks.

((hugs)) to you all!

Happy Mother's Day

A little late but... I had a nice mother's day. My sister, Alice, and my mom cooked a delicious ham dinner for us yesterday. My brother, Stuart and his two kids joined us - and of course Alice's hubby and kids were there as was my dad. Stuart's wife, Clarissa, didn't make it out here because she is 58 months pregnant and too uncomfortable to make the 40 minute drive. Well, she's not quite 58 months but she sure feels like it! Send good vibes her way that the baby (Sophia) will come soon - so we can see her and hold her! hehe!

We had such a nice time visiting and eating a wonderful meal. Unfortunately Jessica got tired and felt sickly on the way home. She had an emotional night and didn't get to bed until after 3:00am. I'm supposed to take her to our "Tu Nidito" group meeting this evening but I seriously doubt that she's up for it... and neither am I. It's almost 6:00am and I haven't been to bed yet.

But..... I am still so happy to have spent a nice day with my family. I also got to chat online with my older brother, Brian and my younger sister, Karen. I miss them and their families! Somehow I didn't get to talk to John when he called to talk to MY mom. How rude! lol

I forgot to take my camera but maybe I'll be able to steal my mom's SD card for a few minutes and get the pictures she took.

I hope you all had a great day and an awesome week.