Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marcus's Butterfly

Three years ago my nephew, Marcus John Russell, was laid to rest following his brave battle against brain cancer.  Jessica was recovering from surgery on her leg and had an open wound... I couldn't leave her so we held our own memorial here at our house.  Just as we were getting ready to start our memorial a butterfly got into the house and flew to the light over our table in our family room.  It fluttered around the light and then fell onto the table. 

 It opened it's wings and allowed us to get a good look at it.  Jessica was a little nervous but we were all impressed that a butterfly flew into our house after dark!  We've never had a butterfly come into our house and aren't they supposed to sleep at night?

I grabbed my camera and took pictures. Karl took the envelope with it's little passenger outside and the butterfly flew away. We had our memorial and Jessica said, "Marcus sent us that butterfly, huh Mommy?" She kept telling me that Marcus sent it. 

Karl with Austin and Brandon

During our memorial some of us wrote notes to Marcus and then we went outside. Karl built a fire and we put the messages in it so the flames could symbolically take the messages to Marcus in heaven.

Jessica and Austin

We discussed many things that we loved about Marcus and how we would miss him.  We also talked about heaven and how there is no pain there and that Marcus can see and walk again.  We also talked about who was there with Marcus.

 Austin comforting Jessica and Dad coming to help 

 flames symbolically taking our love and messages to Marcus

Jessica and Austin

As we were getting ready to go back inside another butterfly came and fluttered around the light on our back patio. I already had my camera so I flashed some quick pictures. At first we thought it was the same butterfly as before but looking at the photos I can see that it's a different one. It could even be an orange moth but the first one was definitely a butterfly.

Almost two years later, as Jess lay on her death bed she promised to send me butterflies from heaven like Marcus did... and she has!

I love and miss my girl and my nephew, Marcus Russell. He did so much to comfort Jessica and help her move from this life to the next. I'll be eternally grateful to him. ♥