Sunday, August 06, 2006


Jessica has been talking about death a lot lately, which is ok, she goes through phases of talking about it.... but what is weird is that she apparently saw some show that went into detail about what happens to a body after it dies. I forgot which show it was but it's not really something I would normally let her watch. I dont know exactly when she saw it because I try to keep tabs on everything my kids watch... anyway, I can't do anything about that now, but what is even more weird is that she has fixated on that subject. She keeps talking about it and says things like, "I can't believe that after just a few years after you die, you lose your eyes and your ears..." and she will ask me why our bones don't go away. I explained that the soft parts dry up and go away. She was holding her bunny (Mary) last night and asked me if Mary's ears would go away because they are soft... and what about her nose? Will it go away too? Oh gee!

We are LDS (Mormons) and we believe in life after death. We believe we will someday be resurrected as Christ was and have perfect bodies ... so it doesn't really matter what happens to our bodies when we are in heaven, they will be perfect when we need them again. I've tried reminding her about our beliefs but for some reason she needs to talk this out. I tell ya, she has really come up with some interesting things to talk about but this takes the cake! She has the mind of a young child and she has to process anything new by talking about it - a lot.

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