Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who will be the 10,000th visitor?

Wow, my site is at almost 10,000 hits. These are not unique visitors and I know that I am my biggest fan... meaning that I probably hit my site more than anyone just from posting a message and then editing it several times, responding to messages and other stuff that will reload that page and set the ticker ahead. But if you look at my little map down the left-hand sidebar it shows that I am not the only one who looks at my blog. Granted many of these could be visitors who stayed less than 1 second but who cares! They put a spot on my map! YAY!

Another interesting thing... clustrmaps shows a lot of places that have hit my blog that statcounter doesn't. I wonder why this is? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I was thinking about having a little contest to see who would be the lucky person to hit 10,000 and send them something ... a prize of sorts... but then I realized that I have so much going on right now that by the time I actually mailed the prize out it would be time to have another contest for the 20,000th visitor. For example, I barely mailed out a scrapbook that I made for my grandmother. For Christmas. I had finished the album just before Christmas but never mailed it to her. So Grandma turned 90 years old in May. On May 9th to be exact. My mom even emailed me ahead of time to remind me to mail it to Grandma. I FINALLY mailed it on May 24th. I think I should call my aunt who is caring for Grandma to make sure that they got it. I hope it made it and is in good condition. Hey, at least it was for Christmas 2006 and not 1986. :-P

Oh, and Bri, I will get your Christmas package mailed to you too. Someday. Hopefully. But your 90th birthday is a ways off. At least by a few years.

UPDATE: I came online today to find my counter hit 10,009. Who was the 10,000th visitor? Please step forward and receive your "gift"... which would be my undying thanks for visiting my humble blog. I have found that blogging has been quite therapeutic for me and a fun way to spend the long evenings while trying to get Miss Jess to eat her snacks and get ready for bed. It's amazing to me that other people come by and read what I have to say. I've also really enjoyed participating in the Photo Hunters and Musical Mondays. I've made some great friends through blogging. I really want to thank all of you for stopping by and giving me encouragement. Have a great day!


The Special Zipper said...

Great job Nancy .. and don't be fooled by the visit times of "0 seconds". My understanding is that it just means that through the visit time they stayed on the main blog page and didn't click on a specific link.

rchmura said...

There are a couple of reasons why clustrmaps could show more visitors:
1) loading times: some visitors may be missed if stat counter loads slowly or loses hits
2) database accuracy, clustermaps may have amore accurate lookup database than stat counter
3) stat counter drops off hits after 100, so you will lose out on a lot of data if you are comparing.

I'm from, we have no log limit at all so you will see all places listed in your stats report.

Ruth said...

Oo! Oo! Oo! I want to be your 10,000th visitor!! Not for a prize...just for the "moment". Hehehehe! Hope you are doing good!

Nancy said...

Thanks for that encouragement, Tim. I will go about my daily life blissfully thinking that all the 0 seconders are actually frantically clicking on my links to past posts, desperately soaking up all the wisdom I have to offer. LOL!

rchmura, thanks for explaining that to me. That makes sense. I may go and check out

Ruth, so were YOU the 10,000th visitor? :-) I hope you got your "moment"

Awesome Mom said...

I use both go stats and stat counter. I find that each one has different things that the other does not offer. Try them both. #10016