Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sweet Paige

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post. Miss Paige became an angel yesterday afternoon. She seemed to be making tiny improvements but her body just could not handle all the ailments anymore. I knew it would probably come to this but I am shocked just the same.

As I mentioned before, I met Paige's mom, Jenn, in person. I shared a room with her and Cathy for a few days in KS at a CHD quilt show. It is amazing to me how much I have come to love my CHD friends that I've met online and it's amazing to meet them in person. We are like a family - or a club - an elite club that nobody wants to be a member of..... but once you are in that club you find a whole community of people who KNOW. They know what it is like to watch your baby breathe, wondering if each breath will be her last. They know what it is like to hand her over to a heart surgeon, wondering if you will ever see her again. They know what it is to live in the hospital dealing with many tubes, wires, medications and then to take her home only to worry more because you don't have the monitors, nurses and doctors right there to help you care for her. And then they know the fear of every parent - the fear that their child could die... only ours do die from their heart defects. I can not even count all the children that I've "known" who have died from their CHD. It is hard to know a child and then watch them slip away. It's hard to see their parents grieve. It's hard to know that yours might be next.

I want to cry, scream, kick and throw a temper tantrum that it's NOT FAIR! Paige fought so hard and her family was so diligent in caring for her. Her mom, Jenn, is my hero - she gave everything to be by her daughter's side for so long and so far away from home. And now she has to go home without her baby. My heart is broken for her.

Paige, sweetie, you will be missed soooooooo much. I know there was a reason you were born and that your life was so short. You have touched so many lives and fought the good fight. Now you are safely in your Savior's arms. Here is a song that makes me smile - it actually makes me cry thinking of how awesome it will be to meet Him after this life is over.

Paige, you returned with honor. I can just imagine you dancing at His feet.


Mindi said...

I was so sorry to hear about Paige, but the news wasn't good yesterday. I almost dreaded getting the e-mail today that the Carepage had been updated. I love that song - I know Paige is dancing at Jesus' feet, she was so beautiful. Thank you for introducing her to me. I feel blessed to have "known" her.

Mary Fran said...

What a lovey tribute to Paige. I too love that song. When you talk to Jenn please let her know that we are all thinking about her and her family.

Melany aka Supermom said...

I am so sorry for her family's loss. For her suffering. It really really is not fair

Karen said...

I am really sorry to hear about Paige. It is so hard to hear about such sweet children going through so much pain and suffering. And yes I imagine she is rejoicing to be with our Savior again. I will pray for comfort and peace for her family and yours. PEACE is what I pray for daily. It is amazing how it helps!

Anonymous said...

so, so sad - our prayers are with her family. Everytime I get news of a little one passing I realize just how lucky I am.

How is Miss Jess doing? Any better? you all are constantly on my thoughts and in my prayers.

Mama Bear June said...

Praying for the family. I'm very sorry to hear this. But rejoicing that she's with Jesus and suffers no more. It's the ones who are left behind who will miss her so much and always have an empty space in their heart. Praying for you, too. I know the emotions when someone in your "community" loses their loved one to the same disease your family is dealing with. Hugs.