Thursday, July 24, 2008


I just got a note from the new Peds Cardiologist. I'm going to have to get used to the way he does things I guess. Dr. D would call usually call me and give me the results from tests... although there were a lot of times that I would call him first. LOL I should call Dr. V because in his notes he said that Jessica's holter showed 1100 PVCs. What? Is that a TYPO or is this medication really helping???

Jessica has had multiple holter monitors since August of last year and most of them showed between 8,800 - over 10,000 PVCs. This one said 1,000! WOO-HOO!!!! I'm so happy that this medication is helping her and it doesn't seem to be aggravating her asthma. We are soooooo blessed!

Lately I've had many opportunities to talk to Jessica about having faith. It's nothing less than a miracle that she survived her 2nd heart surgery... a Cardio-thoracic surgeon stood there, looking at me in the eye and said so. It's nothing less than a miracle that she got her eyesight back after the stroke she had during that surgery. Many times she has cheated death including 4 years ago when she was having so many lung bleeds that she would carry a bowl around because she would cough up blood at any time. We prayed for answers and ours came in a little bottle of blue liquid. Morphine. It was a long shot but we tried it and it worked. Hospice was very helpful in the process of finding our miracle and it was very hard when they left us. But Miss Jess is only rarely - I mean, EXTREMELY rarely coughing up blood anymore. Jess said, "But now my heart is having 10,000 PVCs... and I told her to have faith that we would find another miracle to help her with that. I was soooooo excited when I got the paper in the mail and told her about it. I tried to tell her that 1,000 PVCs was 10 times better than 10,000. Blank stare. Being a 7 yr old in a 20 yr old body is a little hard... so trying to grasp the difference between 10,000 and 1,000 was kind of hard for her. So our conversation went something like this:

J: "Is 1,000 better than 10,000?"

Me: "Oh yes! MUCH better!"

J: "Is 1,000 better than 9,000?"

Me: "Yes!"

J: "Is it better than 8,000?"

Me: "Yes! And it is better than 7,000 and better than 6,000, and better than 5,000, and better than 4,000 and better than 3,000 and even better than 2,000!"

J: smiling from ear to ear: "Wow, that is good!"

Jess is scared of dying and also feeling very sorry for herself that she isn't like everyone else. She REALLY wants to have a boyfriend and get married. She wants someone to love her and take care of her. I've tried several different approaches with her since she has set in her mind that since she is 20 then she is old enough to have a boyfriend - so where is he? LOL So the last week or so every time she brings it up I remind her of all the miracles on her life. I ask her if she has faith. Does she really believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus really want her to be happy? She says Yes! Then she needs to have faith that they are watching over her and are going to make sure that she is happy.... but she needs to try to be happy NOW... and not waste her life away wishing for something. She needs to have faith while she waits and God will take care of the rest. (As I've mentioned here before that in our religion we believe that we will all be resurrected - but not reincarnated.) I'm positive that those who don't have a chance to marry and have children in this life will have that opportunity in the next - after being resurrected. Wouldn't that be wonderful for her to have a body that is perfect? One that can walk across the room without getting winded? One that won't need oxygen or a wheelchair? One that will be able to do anything she wants it to? So she needs to learn to have faith and patience. Oh my... that is a hard one! I've been telling God that I've learned patience, it's time to move on! hehe... I'm joking of course but I tell ya, some days I really feel like it. I've been taking care of Miss Jess - who has been very ill her whole life - for 20 years. I'm tired. BUT I wouldn't trade her for anything. I don't want her to leave ... but she does deal with a lot of pain. Every single day. That's hard.

We are so blessed though. We have so many people who love us and support us. I had better get to bed since I'm taking Miss Jess to have lunch at her fav restaurant: IHOP. Our SUV is out of the shop and so I can take her/ the wheelchair/ and oxygen to have a nice lunch with one of our friends from "Tu Nidito". FUN! I hope it's not too hot - nor rainy... the wheelchair lift if on the outside of the SUV and we don't want her motorized wheelchair in the rain!

Anyway, I want to keep up with my blog more often and not leave you all in the dark - so turn on a light already! ;)

Coming up in the next week: Brandon's birthday on Saturday, Sunday is always busy with church stuff (usually Karl and the boys go but I may get a chance to go too - IF I get some sleep before then), Monday is Brandon's actual birthday - 15 yrs old!!! (*yikes!), Tues is a court of honor - both Brandon and Austin have 5 merit badges that they worked on at scout camp and Brandon is advancing in rank!, and Wednesday Brandon has to have ORAL SURGERY! None of us are looking forward to that day. Poor Brandon - please keep him in your prayers.


Awesome Mom said...

It sounds like things are looking up a bit for you guys. Awesome!

Posh Totty said...

Thats great news :o) Xx

AZMom said...

That is great news for your daughter. It must be very very hard. She is your miracle girl though to cheat death so many times. :-)

Thanks for stopping by again. I do remember you. I do sell CTMH if you ever need anything, let me know. I have a ton of CM supplies right now but will save your email if I need something!!

Rene said...

I'm so excited to hear that the medication is actually working for her. God is Good! Heart Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hope things are still going well - I am thrilled about the success with the new meds - wonderfuL!