Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayer request for Miss Jess

Oh goodness, where to begin? Jessica has been having tummy problems since.... forever + a day, but lately, like the last week and a half, she has had more and more pain. This girl is on quite a few medications for her tummy pain and sees the GI doctor regularly. I just spoke to the GI nurse two weeks ago and we agreed to continue one of the meds (that is only supposed to be used occasionally) since Jess is still having trouble. Well, on Friday Jess came to my bedroom, flopped herself onto my bed and said her tummy hurt extremely bad. Karl and I have started giving her morphine when her pain gets this bad so we gave her some and within 20 minutes she was throwing up. All afternoon she was weak and was throwing up. Her primary care doctor had left for the weekend so I called the Peds cardiologist to prescribe an anti-nausea medication. Our PC has retired (*sob!*) and her new one wasn't available so I got to talk to a new PC. He asked me what Jessica's heart condition is and her age. I briefly explained it to him he said, "wow, you have done a really good job with her!" Anyway, I was so glad he called it in! It took quite awhile to kick in and the next day Jessica still felt like she was going to throw up... she didn't though and was able to start taking in some fluids. Today her tummy is still very upset and anything "solid" makes her want to throw up. She is getting sick of Jell-O, soda and popcicles. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would help settle her stomach?

Jessica has lost some weight lately and I think it's because she is having a hard time finding anything to eat - anything that her tummy can handle. I'm going to call the GI doctor again tomorrow but I'm really worried that there's nothing that can be done. Right now I feel that she is battling a virus and of course it takes her body longer because of how weak she already is, but she has been having a lot of pain even before this virus hit. My friend, who is a cardiac nurse, told me that with Jessica's low cardiac out-put then of course she will be having more stomach pain since it isn't getting the blood flow that it needs. In fact, she told me that she is going into multi-organ failure. We discussed how almost every bodily function of Jessica's requires medications to help it along. I knew this would happen. I knew it was happening. And it could be this way for a long time yet. It's so hard to see her in so much pain - every single day. She still tries to remain chipper but it is hard on her too. Please pray for her to be relieved of her horrible pains and is able to eat something. Pray for strength for Karl, our sons and I as we move through more difficult times ahead.


Awesome Mom said...

My heart goes out to you and your family! I hope that you are all able to have the strength you need to deal with this.

Jennifer said...

We're sure thinking of you guys and all you're going through.

You asked for some ideas to settle a stomach - ginger might do the trick. I know you have a probable diagnosis, but ginger does work miracles for our family with upset stomachs. We buy pills, and they sell ginger tea.