Saturday, September 01, 2012

photos Jessica's dress and flowers - funeral

A few months before Jessica passed, she requested a white dress with pink roses on it for when she died.  My sister Karen sent us this beautiful white dress and I hand-sewed the pink flowers onto it. The dress is spread out on top of a Harry Potter quilt that one of Jessica's teachers (Barb) made for her. 

Here's a close up of the little pink roses.

One of Jessica's e-pals, Matt (also a CHD survivor), sent her this little angel many years ago.  I pinned it onto the dress as a symbol of his love.  

Below are photos of the beautiful flowers that were sent to Jessica's funeral.

A white butterfly on a pink carnation!

Aunt LaRae and Uncle Lamon sent this floral arrangement to us.  It has a small angel - a cherub now resting from all labors... just like Jessica. LaRae & Lamon have a son named Martin who passed away around 15 years ago.  He was only 17 and had been fighting brain cancer for just over a year.  It means a lot to me that they would send me such beautiful flowers and they also came to the funeral.

Close-up of the little angel.

Another beautiful butterfly!

The flower arrangement below was sent from Matt and his family.  Years ago Matt sent Jessica a journal so she could write about her new character "Mary Potter" who is Harry Potter's twin sister.  Jessica filled that book full of fun stories and went on to write in more journals.  Thank you Matt!  There was also a small heart shaped pillow with a rose on it which didn't get photographed.  It is resting by Jessica's hands forever more.  

Jessica loved flowers.  I'm sure that she is very happy with all the flowers that were sent to her.
Love you my sweet princess.   

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