Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jessica goes to school!

This post will be quick since it's late and we have a doctor's appointment in the morning, but JESSICA WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!! It's true! She rode the bus and stayed for 3 hours. The poor kid was exhausted when she got home. She just can't take much activity anymore. I got her off the bus and helped her drive her wheelchair into the house and she was saying "I'm hot and I don't feel well." It took her a little while to cool off and relax - she took about a 10 minute nap and then was ready to tell me about her day. She was so happy that she got to see her friends and teachers again. Jessica's home health aide came and I rushed out the door to get Brandon from school. When I got back Jess was doing homework! She had taken a spelling test at school (now remember, she's working at a beginning 3rd grade level) and she had gotten 2 wrong out of 10. Not too bad considering she hasn't felt up to going to school for 3 months straight! Her homework was to write each word she got wrong 10 times every day and one sentence with each misspelled word. (too bad she doesn't have spellcheck at school. lol) She was so tired when she got home from school that I told her that she didn't need to worry about homework until later. She was so determined to do it that she didn't even wait long. She actually called me on my cell phone while I was out picking up Brandon to ask me a question about her homework. I reminded her that she didn't have to do it while she was so tired. She said, "Mom, how come they want me to write each word 10 times? It's hard!" I could hear a crack in her voice. I told her again that she didn't need to worry about it right now. But she insisted on doing it NOW.

Brandon asked me who was on the phone and I explained to him that his sister had gone to school was now exhausted and wasn't feeling well but she was still determined to do her homework. I could tell that he was touched. He is very proud of his sister.

I am still learning from her strong spirit.


RhythmUnbroken said...

Yay! Good for her ;)

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

that made me smile! Good for Jess!

yerdoingitwrong said...

What a precious post. Good way to start my day!! xo.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I think she is teaching all of us, what an incredible young woman.