Monday, March 19, 2007

Visions of dead flowers, broken chocolate and a handmade card

This post is so good I had to put it on both of my blogs - this one is the shorter version.

My dear cyber-friend, Mary, had a vision that dead flowers, broken chocolate and a handmade card were in my future. How right she was!

Here are the dead flowers and broken chocolate. The dead flowers are much more beautiful (and functional) than I would have envisioned!

The flowers are PENS! How clever is that?!

Only the chocolate wasn't broken when it arrived, it was melted! So I put it into the fridge and I brought it out later. Of course I couldn't let the chocolate just sit there, it could melt again! There were starving wolves children laying prey so I had to throw them little pieces of chocolate to keep them from attacking me... so after a few minutes, the chocolate really was broken:

But like I told Mary, I love chocolate in any shape... and it was good.

Here are the dead flowers with the beautiful handmade card:

Thanks Mary, you really made my day!


Flawed & Disorderly said...

What a sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! It is wonderful to have great and thoughtful friends. :)

~Jennifer said...

Those look just like the pens in my doctor's office that I keep forgetting are pens. Everytime I have to sign something I ask to borrow a pen and the receptionist patiently points to the pot of flowers. Clever idea, and I'll bet they don't have as many pens "walk off" as other offices.