Saturday, July 07, 2007

Our 4th of July Celebration

We went to Karl's parents house for dinner. Karl's nephew, Jeremy, and his friend, Michael, just moved here to go to the university. After dinner the kids (Karl included) got to have some fun in the swimming pool. Jeremy is the one dancing his heart out in this picture. My oldest son, Justen, is in the water to his left and Michael is to his right.

Karl is helping Austin learn to swim. Austin's form is improving. Too bad his dad can't see it from the water splashing in his eyes. lol

Jessica is not able to get clear into the water. She gets extremely "blue" when she does. It's not fun at all because she can't breathe and gets sick... so she has to be content sitting by the side with her feet in the water. Even then she got "blue" pretty quickly. When it was time for her to get out, her grandpa brought some chairs for us to sit on and we all (grandparents included) sat by the pool and enjoyed the boys having their fun.

Brandon getting ready to jump into the pool.

He made a pretty good splash!

We went to watch the fireworks. Jess and I hanging out waiting for them to start.

We weren't able to get very close to the fireworks but we were able to see them ok. My oldest son, Justen, helped me figure out how to set my camera so the shutter would stay open longer. I experimented with the settings and moving the camera around and I got some pretty interesting shots! I had to zoom in to get these shots (or cropped them) but I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I hope you enjoy them!


RhythmUnbroken said...

<3 streaked light

falwyn said...

Looks like y'all had fun! (I like the second to last one best.)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yup, looks like loads of fun. You snapped some pretty spectacular photos. :)

Great job!

Ruth said...

It looks like you all had a great day! I love your photos!

Ann(ie) said...

What fabulous pictures!! I wanna join you next time. And that pool looks VERY refreshing!