Monday, July 09, 2007

So little time, So much to write - of So little importance (rant involved - be warned)

OK, where to begin. Let's start off on the topic of juvenile delinquents. Is it the parent's fault? Lets look at the following events:

A couple of days ago Karl and I went to our local stop 'n rob convenient store. We got there just in time to miss seeing a bike get stolen. We were there but we weren't paying attention. I had picked up the mail as we were leaving our house and we were sitting on our car in front of the store when one of the clerks (we'll call him.... Greg - 'cuz that's his name) came and knocked on our window. He says, "Karl! Did you see that kid steal the other kid's bike?" NO. It happened right in front of us. *doh!* Anyway, it was decided that I would stay at the store and get the things we came for, Karl got a description of the kid and the bike and Karl drove the car to go find the stolen bike. We could see the boy crying who's bike had just gotten stolen. Karl didn't find the kid on the bike but he thought he did and almost jumped on the wrong guy. Shortly after Karl got back, the kids RETURNS TO THE STORE in an SUV and the clerk recognizes him. Apparently the kid didn't tell the people he was with that he had just stolen a bike and they just happened to stop by the store on their way out somewhere else. The police pulled into the parking lot just as the clerk is telling us that the kid who stole the bike (we'll call him Freddy - yup, that's his name - there's no protecting the criminals here!) is definitely in the SUV. Karl was about to go and talk to the people in the SUV when I motioned to him that the police were there. He went and told the cop where the suspect was. Apparently the cop knows Freddy all too well. He told us (after arresting Freddy) that he has arrested good 'ol Freddy many a time... as well as his mom. So Freddy confesses, the cop takes him (in the back of the patrol car) to go get the bike. By that time another officer is talking with us in the parking lot. (us being Karl, me, the victim, the victim's sister and now the victim's mom). The people that Freddy is with are his in-laws and of all things, they are copping attitudes TOWARDS US! - the victims and the people who are helping the victims. Puhleeze! We aren't going to be intimidated by a bunch of criminals ermm.... the people who originally denied that Freddy was in the SUV. Freddy is only about 12 or 13 years old... tops! I'm afraid he probably has a life-time of being a criminal. I feel bad for the dude - his mother is a crack-head and his in-laws (could be an older sibling's family?) are either criminals or at least don't care if he is doing anything wrong. But I felt really bad for the boy who's bike was stolen right in front of him. His mother said that his first bike was stolen right out of their garage and the garage door was closed! This new bike has been kept inside the house. This kid had only left his bike right outside the store doors for a moment when Freddy the Fredster took off on it. The owner took off after him and almost caught him! Greg kept telling us how fast that kid is. The clerks have given him permission to bring his bike inside the store from now on.

Another juvenile delinquent story:
This evening Karl and I went to KFC for dinner. As we were leaving we see 3 teenagers getting out of a car. They are wearing the "goth" garb, which is fine. They all have thick eyeliner - one which looks like tears. Fine. Their hair look funky. No problem. Piercings everywhere. Not a problem... it's their bodies, what do I care? But their language! "F" this, "F" that... more than every other word is "F" and they are talking very loud. I close my car door and notice that the back of on kid's shirt says, "I am the god of "F". HUH? I wonder where the mom is?! Oh wait... she is in the car, smoking her cigarette while waiting for the kids to get her some chicken. Ahh... well, if they are getting her some chicken then I guess it's ok for them to talk like that and wear a shirt with the "F" word spelled out in big bold letters. I was repulsed. As I said, I don't care if the kids wear the goth stuff, the chains, piercings, make up and wild hair. It's their business. But what I do care about is them polluting the air with their obscenities: both vocal and visual. I am trying to raise my children to love the Lord... not be the "god of "F". I was highly offended that someone would even use the word "God" and "F" in the same sentence much less print it on a t-shirt. Karl told me that there used to be laws against wearing stuff with vulgarities like that but not anymore. "Freedom of Speech". Well, I'm sure that's exactly what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote about freedom of speech. I can tell you one thing. If any of my kids were to bring home a t-shirt that said that, it would go directly into the fireplace. We'd have a huge fire even if it were 110° outside. If a friend of one of my kids wanted to enter my house (or my car) wearing something like that I would say no way. Go home and change your shirt... and by the way, change your attitude while you are at it. I would definitely not be taking the little ... kid.... to KFC and listen to him (or her, I couldn't tell which it was) talk like that either. There have been a few times that a friend has been visiting and I've heard an undesired word come out of his mouth. I have told said friend that he isn't allowed to talk that way at our house. If he says it again, he has to go home. One kid didn't think he had to obey MY rules at MY house and he was sent home and wasn't allowed to come back until he changed his attitude. He came back with a much better attitude and if I ever told him not to do something again, he obeyed right away. Recently Karl and I saw that same kid at a local store and he came up to us and was very happy to see us again. (we moved away from that neighborhood 9 years ago) He asked how everyone was doing and he still had the utmost respect for us. I was very happy to see that he seems to be a nice young man.

And the last item on the agenda would fall under the heading: "You might be a redneck if". At least this one is not anywhere near the stupid stuff I wrote about above. This one is family related. Fortunately most of my family doesn't read my garble so I think I'm safe in writing this... after all, it is my youngest brother that says our family puts the FUNK in "Dysfunktional". lol Anyway, my niece got married last month, June 21, in CA on the beach. We weren't able to attend the funeral wedding but my middle brother sent us some lovely pictures. Beautiful young bride and handsome groom. White sand, blue sky and ocean waves in the background. Cute ring bearer (niece's youngest brother), beautiful flower girls (sister's girls), nice wedding all around. My brother, the bride's father, sent me an email inviting us to the wedding. I wished we could have made it but Jessica is unable to travel and I just can't leave town with her not doing well. I sent an email to my brother telling him how much we wished we could make it and hoped he would understand why we couldn't. I didn't get a reply but I usually don't.... just one of those "man things" I guess. So today I get an announcement for my niece's wedding in the mail. Yes, the one who got married 3 weeks ago. I figured the announcement must have gotten delayed in the mail. Oh wait... there's a picture included. It's a picture OF THE WEDDING. Did I mention that on the announcement it says: couple is registered at Walmart. Is this a hint? hahahaha!!! Is it just me or is that a redneck thing to do? Karl and I had a good laugh over it. He said we should send them a picture of our wedding from 1985 and say that we are registered at Walmart too. ROFL... I bet my brother and SIL figured that since we weren't able to attend the wedding that we might like a picture of it and the announcement for a scrapbook but it was really funny the way it came across.

Hey, at least we got a laugh out of the whole thing.

[disclaimer: if you don't agree with anything I wrote then too bad. It's my blog and I'll write what I want to. haha! I have the power to delete unwanted remarks... mwuahahahaha!]


chelle said...

hehe you have had quite the eventful outings lately!

Ruth said...

Wow! It's been busy in your area lately. I'd be upset with those things, too.

Did you goet some unwanted comments? Just wonderin' about your disclaimer!!

Mama Bear June said...

I really hate it when you can see where the kids got their awfulness. Parents like that just make me want to shake them. I guess it's too late to SPANK them all. :-P I admit to some potty mouth when I was younger and before kids and before God changed my heart, but I NEVER used it toward my parents or elders. My momma would have smacked me, no matter how old I was!

It certainly has been exciting where you live lately!

Rene said...

Wow, I hope Freddy is able to get some help. He is still young, so maybe he can change and doesn't end up like the little Goth punk and the foul language in public!

Now, the wedding picture and announcement, and stating where they are registered?? Gosh, if it had been me, I would have gone all out and added "please send check in amount you would have spent on the plane ticket to our wedding". Just kidding, couldn't help myself!

Nancy said...

hehe... you guys are funny. I especially liked your suggestion, Rene. Can you imagine how much it would have cost us for 6 adults to fly? I would have to take out a loan... but my niece would be happy with that money, huh? hehe!

Ruth, the disclaimer was Karl's idea. He thought I would get some bad comments so I just added the disclaimer. I had one undesirable comment on my dieting blog so I set my blogs to not allow anonymous comments.

I don't want to offend those who like piercings or the goth look even though it's not my style and I won't allow my children to do it. I don't try to tell others how to dress or where to pierce... but the profanity is just so wrong.

rowena said...

Hi Nancy, know what this post came shocking to me. Maybe because I haven't seen a mother-son tandem or the whole family covering up for a crime. Or condoning one. On a lighter note, your wedding story made me laugh, registered at walmart? LOL