Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Discouraged..... and sick

Well, I guess I spoke too soon. After Jessica's nap this morning she started having PVCs again. Not as many as yesterday but sometimes up to 28/minute and she went into trigeminy many times as well. The doctors came by and decided to increase the procainamide from 250mg to 500. At least this way she can take it as a pill. And true to form, her 2:00pm meds didn't get there until 6:00pm! ugh!

I have been sleep deprived even before going into the hospital and my body is rebelling. I hate that part of fibromyalgia. I can go on for awhile and then suddenly my body will just say NO MORE! I end up with a migraine along with the nausea and dizziness, etc. Karl went to the hospital so that I could come home and have a nap. It was very scary for me driving home as I realized I wasn't able to concentrate as well as I should. Fortunately I made it home and went to bed for a few hours. After waking up I still felt miserable so I called Karl and he offered to stay the night with Jess. I talked to Jessica and she cried, leaving me feeling quite emotional, but as I told her, I knew I was leaving her in good hand.... her daddy is a good guy and will do a good job taking care of her. I'm having the boys get ready for bed right now and then I'm headed to bed too.

Please pray that I will feel better so that I can go back to the hospital and help Jessica deal with everything going on. Please pray that the medication will work and that she will get some relief and come home soon. Pray that Karl will be able to help Jess tonight and that he will get some rest also. My sons are all doing ok but please pray that they continue to hang in there. I have a feeling that Jess will not be coming home tomorrow and I suspectshe will have a rough time dealing with it.

Thank you all so much!


Awesome Mom said...

Take care of yourself!! I am sure that some sleep will do you good. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Yes, do take care Nancy - be sure to get some sleep. You know we are praying valiantly for you guys.

Ruth said...

I am praying! I am sorry you are ill. I pray that Jess stablizes and you get some much needed rest.

chelle said...

Take care ... Sending positive vibes.

Mama Bear June said...

Praying for all of you. Hope you get enough rest to feel better. Tell sweet Jess that there are lots and lots of people praying for her.