Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We have arrived

Our adventure has begun. We were supposed to be here at noon to meet the doctors and we were on time... but the doctors weren't. The nurses were expecting us and we got admitted and settled, but still no PC. Apparently there was another patient admission (I'm guessing it was an emergency-type thing) so we sat back and waited.

Jess barely got her first dose of the meds at 7:30pm so we are just getting started. Many of you know as well as I do how things can go... the doc takes forever to come to the PICU, then finally orders are placed... then the doc changes his mind about the dosage... then it takes pharmacy forever to send the meds up. So far the one dose of Procainamide hasn't done anything... either good or bad... so we just have to keep giving it to her until it gets up to a "therapeutic" level... and hopefully it will do her some good. She is having many PVCs - but there's no surprise there... that's what we're here for.

So far - so good. Jess has had a few moments of being sad to be here but she was a champ for the IV stick! She's already had a few visitors and a couple of gifts. Ahhhh...... the perks of hospital living.

It's almost 11:30pm and I am starting to get Jess ready for bed. Hopefully we'll be able to sleep - even if she does have to take the Procainamide at 2:00am.

Thank you all for your prayers and messages! I was a dufus and downloaded email before I left home but didn't get a chance to read many of them... I also don't have my email addresses here so I'm sorry that I can't email you all. If you belong to a heart support group that doesn't get updated, please pass my updates along.

Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Update - I was hoping to be able to read something about how things were going. I hope things go well - you know we are praying. Give Jess hugs from me. :)