Sunday, October 21, 2007

PhotoHunters: Practical and Smelly

This week is a 2-fer... a Two fer One Photo Hunters. I didn't get a chance to post the ones I had picked out last week so I am posting this week's and last week's together:

This week's theme is PRACTICAL:

Here is a Practical use for the quilt that Mrs. H and her mother made for Jessica:

Here is the front of the quilt... HARRY POTTER!!! Jess still loves it sooooo much!

A practical way for Jess to get to school and haul her oxygen... and her stuffed monkey whose head is poking out of her purple princess backpack. hehe.. she's so cute!

A practical use for a flowerpot (which I painted)

Last week's theme: SMELLY:

Smelly cow.....

Smelly dope... (no, I'm NOT talking about the officer. haha!)


Andrée said...

Good morning! The quilt is exquisite. Homemade and Harry Potter: no wonder Jess is so happy.

Awesome Mom said...

Harry has a Harry Potter crib quilt with that same main picture. Very cute!

Katney said...

Your friends obviously found exactly the right theme for Jessica's quilt. As a quilter, I know that is the key to a successful match between a quilt and its intended. A good match helps make it practical.

Practical transportation. Practical cat. (There are other practical cat photos posted for this week's theme.) Did you really paint those flowers on Kitty's pot? You are talented.

The cow is cute. good angle.

As for the dope--well, it brought my son to mind. His car was stolen a couple of years ago and was found by the police after about three weeks. Amazingly, the thieves were still driving it. The evidence of their activities during the interim was cleaned up (fast food and hip-hop music, trying to soup up the Saturn--yes, they stole a Saturn and tried to soup it up--real smart dudes.)Things got back to normal--until still further weeks later when son happened to be driving toward the setting sun and flipped down the visor. Into his lap fell...

yep, a bag of pot.

Angela said...

What a beautiful quilt. It makes if very practical if the quilt theme matches its intended recipient.

I love the practical cat photo...great for the theme too.

Great photo of the cow and the dope.

Have a wonderful week filled with love and laughter!


Mama Bear June said...

That's a great two-fer! :-) Love Jess's face with her beloved quilt. The kitty is cute, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog. And we usually do get a good snow in October. Last year we had a big blizzard and they called it the Blizzard of 2006, but then we had a few more big ones before New Year's. :-) It'll probably be gone tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's some serious dope!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! You have some great ones for your themes - one of these days I'll get back into the swing of the photo hunt - I've gotten out of the habbit