Sunday, November 18, 2007

Be The Blog

Bridget from Miles to Go Before We Sleep
gave me the following award:

Be The Blog award

Mark from Me And My Drum, who created this badge has this to say, "This badge is for bloggers who make their blogs their own, stay with it, interact with their readers, and have fun!"
I was shocked to receive this award, especially since I've practically been MIA in the blogger world lately. Thank you, Bridget, for this lovely award. I will display it proudly!

I now give the award to: (in no specific order)

Julia at: My Adventures and Antics

Emily Elizabeth at: Lovely and Amazing and Gabriel's Heart

June at: The Burnett Clan in CO

Jennyhaha at: Jennyhaha's Flawed and Disorderly

Melissa at: Adventures of an Awesome (sometimes) Mother

Chelle at: Crazy Thoughts

Jenny at: On Grace, God, being a spouse, mother, daughter, sibling, teacher, barista, and being myself throughout life
(who should also get an award for the longest blog name!)

Go and visit their blogs and see why I think they deserve the award. These women have not only influenced my life in a positive way but have also become my friends. I don't get to always read every single post of theirs but it's due to lack of time. Every word is worth reading and their photos are great too!


Awesome Mom said...

Wow! Thanks!

chelle said...

Thank you so much, I am honoured!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy! :) I've had fun catching up on your last few posts - love the photo hunters post and the pics - so fun! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Nancy! I would have awarded you first, if I had seen this. :)

And I know the title is long...can't help that, life is complicated! Ha!