Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Love..... Karl

This week's theme is I Love ____ and out of all the people I love,
chose to focus on my husband of 22 years... KARL

He is an awesome husband. He is even enclosing our carport to make a craft room just for ME!

He framed the bay window all by himself - the window didn't come with instructions so he looked online and figured out how to do it himself! Here he is showing off the framing of the bottom of the bay window before he covered it up.

He is such a good dad... he even goes to Disney Princess on Ice and lets his daughter cast a spell on him with a wand he bought her while at the show.

He is very active in the boy scouts with his sons. He got the pin when Austin received his 1st Class last month.

He even spends time with his daughter when she is in the hospital. Karl stayed over night one night when I had a migraine. He did a really good job taking care of Jessica.

I couldn't have ever asked for a better husband. I am so very blessed to have him by my side for 22+ years. He tells me that he loves me and that I'm beautiful every single day.


????? said...

Sure are nice pictures!!!

PowersTwinB said...

Hi Nancy! I'm so glad you stopped by my site today! I smiled when I read your hubby tells you he loves you and youre beautiful every single day, because my wonderful hubby of 36+ yrs tells me the same every single day! We are very lucky women! Your children look so much in love with their daddy! Great photos!

Awesome Mom said...

He looks very fierce in that first picture! lol He sounds like a really awesome guy.

Ruth said...

How sweet! I didn't recognize him without his mustache!! =o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,... (I am one of PowersTwinsB's sisters, also a photo hunter) I have to say also that you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in your life. Looks like he's doing a fantastic job on your craft room,... bet you are so excited. And such a wonderful dad. Have a good week and Happy Thanksgiving.

chelle said...

awww he has such kindness in his eyes!

Liza said...

A craft room? That's fantastic, I would love to have my own craft room too. You have a wonderful husband, and very sweet as well. Have a great week ahead.

Ladynred said...

What a nice husband you have and for sure your kids adore him.
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me for the 1st time. I stopped by and watched Chondra Pierce too. I have seen her several times now. She is a hoot!!
You have a very special hubby just like I do. He looks like a very nice man and father too.
Come back again..Sandy

Krista said...

Great pictures of love! Thank you for dropping by.

Be Inspired Always said...

Wonderful pictures. Sounds like you found a keeper, a great man he is telling you he loves you everyday.