Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogging from the hospital

Here we are, hanging out at the hospital at almost 1:00am. Jess doesn't go to sleep until this time at home, why should things change for the better at the hospital?

Jess has been started on the Metaprolol today at about 2:00pm. The peds cardiologist said that if she gets two doses and does well then we could be on our way home tomorrow this afternoon by 5:00pm, just in time for rush hour. I had no idea that we could be going home this fast! I was preparing for at least 2 nights. Of course the PC qualified that statement with "IF she isn't wheezing at all by then."

Well, Jess normally has a breathing treatment at 9:30pm and the respiratory therapist said that she sounded fine when she came in to give it to her. At about 10:45pm Jess coughed kinda hard and said she needed another breathing treatment. I wondered if it were a ploy to stay up later since she asked for her gameboy right after asking for a breathing treatment. So while they called for the nurse to come listen to Jessica's lungs, I told Jess that she was NOT turning her gameboy back on since she doesn't want to turn it off once it's on at night. The nurse said she seemed to be ok but called the RT (respiratory therapist) to come and give a breathing treatment. Oh yeah, the doctor had to write for one more treatment since it wasn't written as PRN in the orders. So after the 2nd breathing treatment which took place around 11:45, the RT listened to her and said that she could hear a slight wheeze. I hope that was just a fluke or the RT didn't know what she was talking about.... except that Jess seemed to acknowledge her and not only know what she was talking about but said she could feel it a little. *sigh*

So just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for GOOD breathing and NO wheezing!


chelle said...

awww many hugs and sending vibes for a quick recovery.

Posh Totty said...

I am sorry to hear this, I hope Jess is much better and on her way home real soon.
I am thinking of you all Xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy - aorry that you are back in the hospital, of course you are in our thoughts and prayers and I hope you get home fast.