Friday, May 30, 2008

Life is Busy, as usual... update on our family

We have been pretty busy since we got home from the hospital. Not only am I starting to panic that we have just over 2 months until Justen and Ravyn's wedding, but I've been working on planning Jessica's birthday party which is this Saturday, May 31, I had to take all other 3 kids to other doctors appointments several times this week, we're preparing for my dh to leave town on Sunday (for work), preparing for him and both younger boys to leave for scout camp right after dh gets back (hence some of the doctors appointments) and we just found out today that Austin needs glasses. *sigh* I was really hoping he would be able to avoid them but apparently the Jensen gene skipped a generation and hit all 4 of my kids. I believe that all 3 of my hubby's siblings wear glasses but he hasn't needed them until he's gotten older and then only to drive at night. I know that needing glasses isn't the end of the world but it's one more expense that our family has to deal with right now and of course it will take Austin awhile to get used to them. Justen's car came back from the shop at a whopping $1500+! Karl and I decided that paying for those expenses is far more important than trying to provide them with a little honeymoon so we took care of it today. The kids need a reliable car to help them get started out in married life. Justen has a job and they are looking at apartments near his work. Ravyn is looking for a job but it's hard since she lives quite far from town and has no transportation(for right now). Buses don't go out that far so hopefully she will find something close to her new home once she and Justen are married and live in town.
Life is dealing us a lot of changes this summer. Austin will be going to middle school for the first time (in August), Justen is not only getting married but it moving out of the house for the first time, Brandon will move into Justen's old room so he and Austin will have their own rooms for the first time too. One more scary thing added to the table... Brandon told me that he will be eligible for his driver's permit in 8 months!!! Thank goodness it's not this summer because I just can't deal with that change yet. LOL! And lo and behold... Jessica is going to be out of her TEENS! She told me today that this is her last week as being a teenager. WOW! I don't know what else to say but WOW! Who would have ever thought?

So here we are... thumbing our noses at the CHD defects that Jess was born with. It tried to take her many times during her infancy, her childhood and teenage years. Well too bad Mr. CHD, Miss Jess is making it into adulthood! (and yet she is still my little girl who still loves Barbies, coloring books and tracing) I love it!


Rene said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jess! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. :)

Rene Dereksen
Tommy's Mom

Ann(ie) said...

HIYA STRANGER!! I was so happy to see a comment from you pop up on my blog the other day. yay. I've missed you. Life sounds like it's been crazy for you!! How exciting about the wedding though! And glad to hear Miss Jess is doing well. xo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jess!! You are a hero!

Nancy, it sure was good to read an update and I hope all is going with the wedding and everything else. You are on my thoughts and in my prayers