Friday, September 11, 2009

Farewell to Mary Elizabeth Potter

Mary Elizabeth Potter, Jessica's bunny, died last month. Mary was a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and was about 10 years old when she died.... that's close to 100 human years.

Mary hanging out in her favorite spot: on Jessica!

These two loved each other and Jessica held Mary like this almost every day.

Here is Mary in her small home in Jessica's bedroom. Mary knew her way home from the bathroom, down the hall to the rug in the kitchen doorway, then a big hop across the hallway into Jessica's room and into her cage. Mary loved to chew on empty toilet paper rolls. She would pick it up and wave it around. She would sometimes even throw it with her mouth! She liked pushing that green ball around her cage as it makes noises when it moves. Mary spent the nights outside in a larger cage and came inside to hang out with Jessica in her room during the day. Everyone who met Mary fell in love with her instantly. We all miss her very much - especially Jessica!

Mary was named after a character that Jessica made up several years ago. Mary Elizabeth Potter (the character in Jessica's book) is Harry Potter's long-lost twin sister. Jess has written and illustrated several books about her and her adventures. (I dare any editor to try to make sense of her writings but I know exactly what Jess wrote. LOL) Jessica's e-pal, Matt, sent Jessica a journal that he personalized for her to write all about Mary Potter. That was her first book and it took her about 4 years to complete. Her next books also include some characters from Lord of the Rings! I believe that Jessica recently introduced Link (the character from the "Legend of Zelda" video game series) and Pokemon. All very fun and exciting!

We are starting our hunt for another bunny. Mary was a true dwarf and as you can see, was the perfect size for Jessica to cuddle with and hold. We would love to find another dwarf rabbit - preferably a black one since Jessica would like to name it: Professor Snape! (perfect name if you ask me!)

Please pray for her to be comforted and for us to find her another bunny companion. She misses her cousin, Marcus, immensely and now she missed Mary too.

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Awesome Mom said...

Aww poor Mary! I had a bunny that lived to 11 and I was sobbing when i had to put her down (I was an adult at the time). I hope Jess can find some comfort in her time of sadness.