Sunday, September 13, 2009

Murphy's Law? Or Jensen's Law?

If something can go wrong it will? Yes, that would be us!

Jessica cracked a tooth last night and is from the tip of one side of the tooth 3/4 of the way across to the other at a diagonal - which is dangerously close to the! I am just praying it doesn't brake off! We are going to contact the dentist early Monday morning and have her seen. We are going to have them just pull the tooth. The last cavity that she had filled just sent her over the edge and it took several days for her to recover from the ordeal. I just know she is going to have a hard time with her tooth being pulled and having it heal but I just can't see putting her through having to have a crown. She is too old to go to the CRS clinic and we sure can't afford a crown... in fact, we aren't even sure if our dental insurance will cover her or not since we haven't had to use it for her yet... but we just want to do what is best for her. She even said: "Let's just pull it out and get it over with!"

Also, we had our two kittens that we kept, Hanz and Bella, spade and neutered last week (at the tune of around $150 including shots & tests for feline leukemia since Bella's eyes constantly run and that could be a symptom of FL but fortunately both kittens are negative for that fatal illness)... well, Bella's wound started to open Friday afternoon after the clinic closed, of course, so I had to call the after-hours place. $85 just to be seen! No thanks... we bought the smallest cone thinggy (that the emergency pet place recommended) and put it on Bella. Poor thing couldn't even lift her head, it was so heavy! So Karl cut it down, drilled holes, etc, so it would fit her. All this happened just as I was trying to get ready to go to my Creative Memories workshop Friday afternoon. Bella wore the cone over night. So on Saturday we took her back to the clinic and $54 later Bella had been sedated, wound cleaned because it was infected and stitched re-done in wire - which has to be removed in 10 - 14 days. She also has to wear her cone until then. So last night I gave her the meds (which she hates)... and I noticed that she has carpet fibers caught in the wires. The vet told us that they leave pointed wire edges out so that the animals won't lick the wound but Bella was licking anyway - hence the collar. Well, what do I do about the carpet fibers being caught in there? I tried to gently tug at some and she went 'postal' on me. I decided to put her to bed and call the 24 hr place again today.

The vet was really nice especially after
we told her about Jessica. She gave us some cream to put onto Bella's wound for free and wrote down the emergency phone # for us and wrote her name down. She told me to be sure and mention her name and the emergency place might see us free of charge as a courtesy if they can't get a hold of her. I'm going to call them this afternoon and see what to do about the carpet fibers. The clinic won't be open again until Tues. Well, we have to get Jessica's tooth taken care of on Monday anyway... that is if it doesn't break off before then!

I don't know why just one thing can't go right?! I was up late last night (haven't been to bed yet) with Jess while she was in a lot of pain trying to go poop. No, she isn't constipated. It's just that hard sometimes. :*(
I've been trying to jump through the right hoops to get Jess into a pain specialist who might actually know how to treat her type of pain(s).

I'm finally headed to bed (6:30am - which is actually the earliest I've been to bed in about 5 days). Pray for peace. Pray for a quiet day and a restful day today. Pray for us to be able to get Jessica's tooth taken care of tomorrow and for her to be able to handle it well. And even if it seems silly, please pray for our little Bella's wound to heal quickly. She brings so much joy to our family - especially to Jessica. Both kittens do. Thankfully Hanz is doing well and trying to take over Scamper's duties of getting into trouble. LOL (Scampers went to his new home a week ago. I hope he is adjusting well.) Also, don't forget to read my post below about Jessica's bunny, Mary. Thank you so much!

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Awesome Mom said...

Hang in there! Things have to ease up a bit... don't they? I am hoping so because I really need a break from junk being dumped on me too.