Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Amazing Poem by an Amazing CHD "Child"

The following post was shared on one of my heart support groups by Becca's mother. Becca has basically the same CHDs as my Jessica. Becca may be younger but is more "mature" mentally since Jessica is at around a 7 - 8 yr old level. I had the opportunity to meet Becca and her family several years ago when I traveled to a CHD event. Becca and her mom, Chris, have always been a great support and inspiration to me. They have been through a lot of the same issues that we have but also some very different ones. It's always amazed me how the basic same CHD can be so different in so many ways in two different "children". Also, Becca was the FIRST Christmas socks baby. She is the one who started it all. (If you don't know about the Christmas socks story, here's our experience: JENSENLAND and then click on Jessica's journey with CHD ... it is almost 1/2 way down the page but go ahead and read about Jessica's life before that event).

I got special permission to share this post along with the poem with you and it's my honor to do so. I thank Becca for putting into words what I'm sure MY daughter is feeling. This comes on the heels of a very painful & emotional night I spent with my daughter. Here's your tissue warning.

"Written by our 17 yr old daughter Becca born with TOF (tetrolagy of fallot), PA (pulmonary atresia), pulmonary arterial hypertension. She has had 4 heart surgeries, one surgery for a life threatening infection, pacemaker/CD surgery, 20 caths (or more); 44 pills a day, low salt diet, 02 at night, above 3000ft and when sick. Has been evaluated for a heart lung transplant but at this time can continue to be medically managed.

Becca wrote this for a poetry contest through school last week.



I am a miracle child

Struggling the first months of my life

Given a 13% chance of survival to the age of 5

Struggling for years.

Today I am 17

I am a miracle child

Life-saving battle scars adorn my body

Changing my shirt, I see the bright pink scar running down my chest

Always a reminder of my yearning for life

I am a miracle child

Fear is part of me

I am afraid when my heart skips a beat

I fear being in the hospital

Alone. . .

In pain. . .

Not knowing. . .

I cry at the very thought

I fear dying

I am a miracle child

I know I am not like most

Valuing life

I celebrate the morning

I appreciate those who love me

And know

Everyday truly is a gift

I am a miracle child

Being a miracle child












My life

I am a miracle child.

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Charlene said...

Awsome poem
my Rebecca age 15 1/2 says but my scar is brown!!