Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quick little update:

So much has happened ... where should I start first? My oldest son, Justen, got married to Ravyn Martyn-Dow on December 19th, 2009. They have been engaged for almost 2 years so it wasn't a huge surprise but the planning of the wedding seemed to be fast a furious! lol Ravyn's mom, Jaqui, did an excellent job of putting things together. I was included in the plans and we used everything that I had purchased 1 1/2 years ago when the "kids" were first going to get married. After reviewing their financial situation 1 1/2 yrs ago they decided to postpone the wedding. Jaqui provided some beautiful decorations and the cake was beautiful and delicious. It was a very nice ceremony performed by Bishop Gibson and the reception followed right afterward.

Jessica was able to attend her brother's wedding and was even a bride's maid. Brandon and Austin were groomsman and did an awesome job.

I don't have many photos but here are a few from my father-in-law's camera:

Here's the happy couple:

awwww... how sweet!

We are a goofy family! hehe... Justen and Ravyn wanted a silly photo and they got it!

Here's the Taylor and Jensen grandparents with the couple. (Taylor on the left - Jensen on the right)

I can't wait to see the photos from the photographer. I'm sure they will be great!

I knew Jessica wouldn't have the energy to last the whole evening so I had her favorite nurse, Renee, help get Jess ready, come to the wedding with us and when Jess got tired, Karl took them both home and then came back to the reception. I was able to just be the mother of the groom and enjoy my evening. I danced with my husband, all 3 of my sons and all 3 of my brothers... 2 of which had come from out of state to attend the wedding. The evening was wonderful. Two of my friends, Janice and Reesa, came and helped in the kitchen. We couldn't have done it without them too! We are so blessed that Jessica was able to be there and enjoy herself. We never would have believed that she would survive long enough to see her brother get married back when she was in a coma and hemorrhaging when she was 3 years old. What a miracle she is!


Awesome Mom said...

Congratulations! I have been wondering where you had gotten too and how things were going.

Charlene said...

Nancy I was so thrilled that Jess could be in the wedding :o)
Your son & DIL look very happy together.

Visited Jess's site & left a few comments for her & I'll check on her/you again

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful wedding! So glad Jess was able to be there :-D