Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saying Goodbye ~ but only for a time

Continuing with CHD Awareness I am posting a photo from a very difficult time in our lives. I haven't shared it with anyone until now. This was something that I knew was going to happen from the time Angel Jess was only 6 years old but since she kept pulling through each and every major illness, heart issues, GI issues and even lung bleeds it seemed almost impossible that my worst nightmare would actually come true. Sadly, this is what CHD looks like for far too many families.

It was hard for me to share this tender moment of Karl and I saying goodbye to our beautiful daughter.  We carefully chose her pink casket with the light pink lining.  We were given a beautiful tiara for her to wear and a friend sent her a heart pillow with roses on it to place in her hands.  We didn't get a photo of that pillow which made me sad but things happened so fast. It arrived late and someone brought it in to us right before the services started.  It's ok, we truly appreciate the beautiful gift.

One day in July of 2010, out of the blue Jessica started talking about her cousin Marcus who had passed away in 2008.  She suddenly changed the subject towards herself and that she wanted to be buried in a white dress with pink flowers on it.  We had no idea that she would need it in just a few months!  When it became evident that she did not have much time left, my sister Karen sent us this beautiful white dress and I hand-sewed the pink flowers onto it. The dress is spread out on top of a Harry Potter quilt that one of Jessica's teachers (Barb) made for her. 

Here's a close up of the little pink roses and lace.

One of Jessica's e-pals, Matt (also a CHD survivor), sent her this little angel many years ago.  I pinned it onto the dress as a symbol of his love.  

I posted more photos of the flowers that we received in this post HERE.  

My husband Karl and I have been married almost 30 years (in April!).  We were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We believe in being sealed together forever in these temples where there are no "until death do we part".  Our children are sealed to us forever as well.  If you look to the left of my husband's shoulder you can see a photo of that very same temple hanging on the wall.  We did not put that photo there.  It was already on the wall.  How amazing it is to look at this photo and to see that reminder that Jessica will remain our daughter for all eternity!  

Our Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also has a Visitor's Center where the public can go and learn about our beliefs.  If you don't live close enough to go there and would like to know more then please visit LDS.ORG .  There's a lot of good stuff on there!  

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my beautiful Angel Jessica Marie.  I miss her so very much but I am soooo thankful that she will never again suffer the pain and trauma that she endured in this life.  She was so beautiful in this dress and I envision her dancing, singing and chasing butterflies in heaven, free of all the diseases that plagued her body.  

Fly free my beautiful angel princess!  

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