Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our friends Zurik and Zoe

This is our little buddy Zurik. Isn't he a sweetheart?

Zurik was admitted to the hospital recently and was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes. He was pretty sick but is doing much better! We are so glad that he is back to his normal giggly self. He is almost 2 yrs old. His mom, Tammy, says that he is dealing with the blood checks and insulin shots VERY WELL! What a trooper!

Zurik is the 2nd child of Tammy and Jaime. We met this family at our local heart support group, Heartlight, when Zoe was just a baby. This is Zoe:

Zoe was born with many complex heart and other defects. She is my hero. She went through so many surgeries, procedures and therapies. I remember watching her learn to walk. She had a toddler size walker and she was soooooo determined to go where ever she wanted to. Jessica and I would frequently hang out with Zoe and her wonderful family at the Heartlight events while the other kids ran around and played. Jessica and Zoe had so much in common - heart problems, multiple surgeries, strokes and most of all the love of life and determination to do whatever it was that they wanted to do!

Zoe earned her wings on Sep 5, 2004... just 10 weeks before Zurik was born. She will forever be in our hearts. She touched our lives in so many ways - as has her family.


Tammy said...


I just have to agree that Zurik is a super sweetie :) 100% sweetheart for sure... Thank you Nancy ~ your family has touched our lives as well and if only we didn't have to meet under the circumstances that we did, but knowing you, Jessica and your family has made an enormous impact on my heart and you all remain in my thoughts and prayers... Zoe's impact in this life will continue ~ and It means SO MUCH to me to hear how she has touched your life... ~Tammy (Proud Mom to Zoe and Zurik)

Page MdDonald said...

I am so sorry for the added trials your family is enduring. I will pray that your nephew does well with his chemo and other treatments and that the whole family will hang together. My best to Miss Jess, too.

Page in Kingman