Monday, September 25, 2006

Updates: Piano & Gazebo

The old upright piano. As you can see it's not very pretty. I should have thought to take a picture of the keys... they were kind of icky too.

Now the NEW Piano! Very purdy.... And it sounds great too! This piano was made in 1956 and is a Baldwin Acrosonic spinet piano. Most spinet pianos are not only shorter than regular ones but the keys (on the inside of the cabinent) are usually cut a bit short in order to give the illusion of being compact. The problem with cutting the keys short is that it takes away from the sound. My Acrosonic spinet does not have shortened keys and it sounds quite good. It sounds more like a taller piano - which would have cost more. So we are quite happy with our new "baby".

Miss Jess wanted her picture taken sitting at the piano and holding my Beethoven book. She really wants to learn to play so I am in the process of finding a teacher for her. I already gave her one short lesson and she was so happy to be able to show her grandparents where all the "C"'s are. Of course she needed my help since her memory is not that great. (lack of oxygen and all...) piano lessons could prove to be quite interesting... especially since her fingers are quite clubbed (again, due to lack of oxygen). But you know Jess! Where there's a will there's a way! :)

Remember my new gazebo? Well, it is now the Oasis I have always dreamed of! Karl and I have been looking for the "perfect" fountain to add to our gazebo. We have been out pricing them and just when we thought we had found the right one, we found that it was cheaply built and quite pricey. Nope. Not gonna fall for that. So we kept looking. Last week Karl dropped Jess and I off at the PC appointment (that's pediatric cardiologist- not personal computer)and he (Karl - not the PC) went out looking at some more fountains. Since Jess is a young lady and needed an echocardiogram, daddy decided to go out and ended up buying a fountain! Target just happened to have put the one fountain that we liked on clearance - $75 off!

Here are some night views. Karl put up the lights. Very nice!

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