Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. We had a nice Thanksgiving at our house. Karl had to work in the afternoon so we had our meal at noon. My sister, her family and my brother and his family came over. We even had both sets of grandparents here. The weather was so nice some of us ate out in the gazebo and children played outside. Sorry to brag for all of you who were freezing on Thanksgiving day. lol

I wasn't able to take many pictures since I was busy in the kitchen most of the time, but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

Jessica with Uncle Chuy and cousin Jesse who both shaved their heads in honor of Marcus.

Jessica playing barbies with cousin Natalie. Mary the bunny is in the cage behind Natalie.

Aunt Alice and her daughter, Julie, playing my new piano.

Grandpa Taylor and cousin Stuart

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