Friday, December 29, 2006

Update on my nephew - MRI results / Jessica to have an MRI too

Here is the most recent picture of my sister Karen's family.
Back row left-right: John (the dad), Karen (the mom) and Marcus.
Bottom row left-right: Aaron, Jackson and Noah

Marcus had an MRI two days ago and it shows positive for cancer. His cancer is coming back. We don't know how aggressively it will come back but for now he is taking a pretty hefty dose of chemo. The surgeon is out of town this week but will be back in time to study the MRI and meet with Marcus and his parents next Wednesday. We are all very disappointed that the cancer is back already. Please pray for the doctors to know what treatment plan to use and that Marcus will be able to enjoy his life. We have NOT given up hope by any means, we just know that it's going to be a long battle. I spoke with Karen at length today and we are trying to keep positive and lift each other up.

Jessica has an MRI tomorrow morning and we are hoping to get good news then. (I guess hearing that she is not having mini-strokes would be considered good news, right?) If she is having mini-strokes or bloodclots going to her brain, there isn't anything that can be done for her - so then it would be terrible news. We are quite certain that Jess doesn't have a tumor so we aren't too worried about that - we're just hoping and praying that we aren't dealing with bloodclots. We appreciate your good thoughts and prayers too!

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Anonymous said...

OH Nancy, Just read your Update On CHD-UK, I am so sorry to read about Marcus and the Cancer returning, I do hope the Surgeon can help when he is nect back in town, and fingers crossed it is not to agressive, as for Jess having a MRI, ok its her choice, but I think I would do too.. fingers crossed to that shows nothing untoward happening either.

Thinking of you all