Thursday, January 11, 2007

Are we still living in the dark ages?

I didn't know some people were still living in the dark ages. Look at what I found when I searched for a google support group for congenital heart defects:

The real cause of heart defects.

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:33:50 -0500
Local: Thurs, Aug 17 2006 7:33 pm
Subject: The real cause of heart defects

The doctors want us to believe that heart defects are caused by some
sort of medical condition. They're wrong. They just tell us that
because they know they can get their greedy hands into out bank

Heart defects are caused solely by demons. The heart is the symbol of
love, and it's proper functions are controlled by "God" or good
spirits, (whatever you believe in). A heart goes awry when an evil or
angry spirit invades it. People who do not share, do not spend their
life doing good, or who become too self centered are the ones whose
hearts are taken over by these evil demons. Once this demon enters
the heart, the damage begins. They start by blocking the flow of
blood, or damaging the hearts functions in other ways. This condition
worsens and eventually these demons take total control of the heart.
Soon, the persons body begins to deteriorate and fail. When the demon
takes complete control of the heart, the good spirits leave and the
demon is in control of this heart and the body it keeps alive.

There is no way that surgery does any good. The demons must be
removed by the heart owner. However, there are times it's too late.
The person no longer has control of their own body and the demons now
own the person. These people die. Those that still have some of the
good spirits are able to heal themselves. The surgeons do nothing, in
fact they often do more damage than good. Some people report feeling
better after heart surgery and this may be the case. However, the
better feelings are caused by the prayers these people receive from
friends and relatives during the surgical procedures, NOT by the
surgery itself.

The solution is preventative medicine. Be in control of your life,
live a life of love and these evil demons will not enter the body.
This is the only sure method to prevent heart defects.


I was tempted to email the writer and tell him he's an idiot but I figured... what's the point? I have better things to spend my time on than arguing with him. You know what they say, never argue with an idiot because those who are watching may not be able to tell the difference. lol.. I have no idea of this guy knows someone with heart problems or who he is. Is he even for real or just posted to a board to try and get people riled up? I don't see any responses to his post so if that was his intent, he failed. A friend of mine suggested that I blog about this so I decided I might as well.

I know there are many of us heart-parents who have had to deal with other people giving us poor advice about things they know nothing about. Some are trying to be helpful and others seem to be critical whether they intend to be or not. I have to tell you that in the 18+ years that I have been a heart-mom I have NEVER had anyone tell me that Jessica's heart defects were caused by demons. I have been told to "just have faith and not worry about it" far too many times by people who don't live with caring for a very sick child who cries out in pain, fear, loneliness... spent endless nights holding a child who struggles to breathe either because her body can't handle a fever so her breathing is compromised or her asthma is acting up or she has pneumonia for the umpteenth time.... held a child who is coughing up blood, is choking, gasping for air and crying out that she's not ready to die... sat by your child's hospital bed with her hooked up to all types of monitors, breathing machine and endless tubes and wires coming out of her everywhere and being told she is dying and to spend her last hours with her... then when she pulls through only to find out days later that she is blind and paralyzed. These are only some of the things I have lived through with my precious child that God entrusted to me. We had another rough night last night and a very emotional morning this morning. I swear, if anybody tells me to my face that her heart defects are caused by demons - today they will get a black eye! LOL!

I do, however, appreciate all of you who are supportive and lend a listening ear. What a blessing to me you all are!


Terri said...

My husband and I both say this guy is just out of it...
he's in the Twilight Zone somewhere...
my husband suggests that he reads a good book called
The New Testament....
Mike was getting into long details about the matter.... and I can't duplicate what he said...
but this guys is taking something from the Old Testament...
(My husband is studying the Bible)

Dan said...

I think this man accidently had a potato stuffed somewhere strange, and it moved up his body to replace his brain...

Fear the demons!

Nancy said...

So you are saying that he used to be a dictator but is now a ****head?

falwyn said...

Wow, that is just all kinds of crazy. Amazing.

Cuz y'know, those unborn babies, they're definitely "People who do not share, do not spend their
life doing good, or who become too self centered are the ones whose
hearts are taken over by these evil demons." How ridiculous can you be? Wait, let's not answer that....