Monday, January 22, 2007


Amazing! The snow is still here this morning! Not only that, but the kids got a SNOW DAY! I don't know of any other time there has been a snow day in Tucson! It's amazing, all the bridges and many roads are closed and for about an hour we didn't know where Justen and Brandon were. Justen had left to take Brandon to school and then we found out that the school was closed for the day. Karl went out to find the boys and couldn't get past one bridge that goes over a wash... eventually we found out that Justen took several detours to get around closed roads to get Brandon to school. When they realized the school was closed, they had to take more detours to get back home. Fortunatley they got home ok. Now Karl is off to work to help close more ramps on the highway. It's only 25° outside right now - our low was 23°. Pretty crazy for the desert!

Stay tuned, more snow pictures to come later on in the day!

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