Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's so great about statcounter?

It's kind of fun to see how many people come to see my blog on a regular basis, how many people accidentally come accross it, what words people have searched and ended up finding me... but one of the most fun things that Jess and I like about the statcounter is the MAP! It's fun to look at the map and see where the visitors come from. Sometimes there are so many hits from different places that apparently each map can hold only so many so then there are two maps. Anyway, here are the two that I got off statcounter tonight.


Girl In Her Underwear said...

I love site meters and stat counter!!! So much fun to see how many "lurkers" are out there and how many countries are represented!

Anyway, I was so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment this morning! Thanks! And I don't have a lot of info to give right now on Lindley's condition. She has a leaking heart valve and currently two doctors are arguing about if it can wait or not. The last post I wrote was Jan 3rd, and it's called Lindley's update if you're interested. It's not very informative. I'm grateful that it doesn't sound nearly as severe as what I'm reading on other blogs. The doc gave us the impression that it's "fixable." Probably around September 15th there's another Lindley Update...that's about the date of when we first met with the pediatric cardiologist.

I took her in to our regular doc for a bug bite, and that's when he heard what he thought was a murmur. She'll be 3 next month.

Girl In Her Underwear said...

Ack! Just wrote a long response to you that wouldn't publish! I'll try again later when I don't have a baby in need. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the comments. I have my comments set to be moderated because I've gotten quite a bit of spam. I check my email multiple times a day so people don't usually have to wait very long before their comments show up.

I'm glad your daughter's CHD isn't extremly severe or urgent. I'm glad that it was found and hope that is it "fixable". My daughter's CHD is very complex and she's had multiple heart surgeries, strokes, etc. She is an amazing young woman though and I'm proud to be her mom. Feel free to visit JENSENLAND in the link section and read more about her amazing story.

Girl In Her Underwear said...

Hey again! I don't usually check back to see if anyone has replied to my comments, but I saw this and wanted to tell you that site meter is even more fun than map stats if you're interested. Also free and easy. And I had lots of trouble with spam, too. You can get rid of seeing it at all if you set your blog to require word verification. I hate having to type in the letters..especially since I get it wrong usually, but that way you won't get junk mail. Later!