Friday, June 01, 2007

Getting Ready For THE Party!

Miss Jess will be 19 years old on Sunday! WOW! AMAZING! We are having a "Pirates of the Caribbean" birthday party for her this Saturday. Jessica's therapist came on Tuesday and brought her an early birthday gift - a Jack Sparrow accessory kit. Jessica LOVES it! She must have put it on at least 5 times on Tuesday and almost as many times every day since then. Yesterday I took her to a dental appointment and she had to wear it there. hehe... Here are some pictures of her the day she got it. The last picture was after she had a bath and changed her clothes. She was pulling faces and I asked her to show me a mean face and that's what she gave me. hehe... (I'm sorry the photos are blurry, I hate it when I don't get good ones. I just hope I can take some non-blurry pictures during the party on Saturday.) We could have anywhere between 30 - 50 people. *gah!* We are cleaning the house and yard like mad.

I'm so scared! You don't want Pirate Jess coming after YOU!


Ruth said...

Jess looks so cute in her costume. I hope her party is a smashing success!

chelle said...

Ooo how exciting!! Happy Birthday to Jess! She looks so great in her costume!

Mimi Lenox said...

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yerdoingitwrong said...

She looks so happy!! Have the happiest of parties, Jess!

amy said...

Hope everyone has a good time..Lovely pictures