Monday, June 04, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean come to Jessica's party

Here is Jessica with Elizabeth Swann, Elizabeth's long-lost sister, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

I bet you didn't know that Jessica was such good friends with the cast from the movies, did you?

Here's Jessica with the cast on "Isla De Muerte" and the pirate's flag in the background.

Pirate Austin in the crow's nest flying the pirate flag.

Austin may have to be in the next movie. He looks great with the cast!

Of course these are friends of ours - from our church. They were so awesome to dress up and surprise Jessica. We really appreciated them coming to the party.

Even Jack Sparrow needs to eat.... sitting next to his dad.
In the background other party goers are enjoying Eegees sub sandwiches and slushes.

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~Jennifer said...

What fun! It looks like a great party, and Jessica looks happy.