Monday, September 08, 2008

Good News and Bad

The good news is that Jessica is doing a little bit better. She has been able to eat more and her pain has been a bit more manageable. I've had to give her more morphine but it's taking the edge off her pain. The problem with giving her too much morphine is that it could potentially cause her bowels to slow down even more. We sure don't want that! I have to be very careful not to over medicate her but try to keep the pain down so she can enjoy her life. I am getting frustrated because I have not heard back from the GI doctor. I left a message for her peds cardiologist on Friday but just missed him as he left for the weekend. I am expecting him to call me today. I've been up all night and am getting ready to go to sleep. Yes, it's almost 9:00AM! Austin is coughing like crazy and he couldn't sleep much last night. We don't have a home health aid today so I really hope I get some sleep today.

The bad news is that my nephew, Marcus, is doing worse. He had his 2nd dose of the new chemo last Wednesday and things went sour right off. Marcus started with diarrhea and vomiting right away. The poor guy was confused and sooooooo sick! They were able to give him meds to help stabilize him and then he slept. He was admitted to the hospital and has been there ever since. He isn't able to get his sodium levels up and he is at great risk for seizures. His eyesight is also getting worse and is wearing an eye patch. My sister, Karen, has been posting updates on Marcus's carepage. Karen's blog is: "I Made it Through Another Day"

Go on over and give them a little love. They sure could use it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy - tell Jessica that we are praying for her and all of you - and marcus too. I wish we were closer so we could offer help or services of some kind, but please know our prayers are there. I'm glad she is doing a bit better - hopefully it continues :-)

Oh, by the way - I call my husband my HHH - Handsome Huggable Hubby - and he has fun making up new meanings for the letters too. In return he calls me his WWW - wonderful wacky wifey - and when pregnant I become the wonderful waddley wifey. :-)

Melanie said...

Nancy, can you please email me so I can get in touch with oyu privately? I have tried contacting you through your profile email but it's not working! Thanks, hope to talk to you soon, and thank you for visitng my blog