Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My New "FancyCrafty{Me}" blog!

I just started a new blog all about my arts and crafts. I love to paint, scrapbook, make cards using stamps and other mediums among many other fun things. I just uploaded my first set of photos of things I've painted way back when.... over 10 years ago. When I say I painted things I meant I've painted on furniture, dolls, birdhouses, etc. In the next few days I hope to upload photos of baskets I was hired to paint. I got a bit burnt out on painting since my job took over my time after a couple of years. Then Jessica started to get sicker and I discovered scrapbooking... so the painting took a backseat and I delved into preserving our memories. I've made two scrapbooks of Jessica so far and am working on one for each of my sons.

My mom talked me into becoming a Creative Memories consultant about 6 years ago (so we could both enjoy the CMC discount - hehe) and I've really enjoy it. It gets me out of the house and I've been able to meet so many great friends. I still do workshops every month and on occasion I host "Get Togethers". My CM unit hosts some pretty awesome specialty events a few times a year. We have our "Croptoberfest" every October, National Scrapbook Day every Spring and the biggest and best of all is our yearly Retreat! A whole weekend of scrapbooking, winning prizes and having fun with friends. It is the only time all year that I get to go away (usually in town!) and not have the responsibility of my medically fragile child 24/7. I have pictures that I plan on posting later on of some of these awesome events.

I got into stamping a couple of years ago and am involved with a group of ladies where we exchange cards that we've made every month. This group is hosted by a "Stampin' Up" demonstrator and she shows us new techniques and ideas at these meetings. We exchange cards and we also order from the SU catalog. We each take turns being the Host so we can earn FREE stamps! ahhh... freeeeeeeeeeeeee crafting supplies! How could I say NO?

Crafting is my therapy. Seriously. If I go awhile without doing anything creative I get very depressed. Crafting and painting is good for the soul! In fact, I include ARTS and crafts because I am an artist! I've sold more items that I've painted than I've kept - and I've kept a LOT! You should see my house! So I think that I could be considered an artist. I like that term.

So hop on over to my FancyCrafty{Me} blog and check it out! Yes, I'm bragging here! And why not? I'm so thankful for the talents that God has blessed me with. Why not share it?


Awesome Mom said...

I love crafting too! I really need to get my bum in gear and get started back up with my scrapbooking.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome - and heaven knows you need some stress releif :-D I'll be sure to check it out. I enjoy crafting too - but I have a hard time fitting it in with everything else. Maybe as the children get older I will have more time.... maybe?....

Chelsey said...

I am a CM Consultant also and just LOVE it! I signed up in February and haven't looked back! Making new friends and organizing all of the fun workshops and crops is awesome. I have a few workshop ideas on my blog "Scrap Happy" so check it out. Also, I would love to hear ideas on how you work your business!