Monday, September 29, 2008

Jessica was in the ER

You'll never guess why! Go ahead.... guess! No, it wasn't arrhythmias, lung bleeds, asthma, stomach problems or any of her other million reasons she goes to the ER... no.... this one was special it was because...







My mom's comment... "what was she doing on a horse in the first place?" My answer was... "uh... trying to ride it!" doh!

Remember when I posted about our friends riding their horses to our house last year and Jessica got to ride Penny the horse and was sooooo excited about it? (Don't remember? I found the post HERE.) Well, we made arrangements with the Womack's (the family who own Penny) and we went to the stables. Jessica first rode on Copper, the Womack's other horse, and Jess did GREAT! She rode him around the arena a couple of times before she got off and then wanted to ride Penny. As we all were trying to hoist her up onto Penny, she got spooked and reared up and started to dart away. I almost lost my hold on Jess (she had already been jerked out of Karl's hold) and she started to come down. I grabbed her with all my might and pulled her onto myself and away from the horse. As all this was happening I saw Jessica's head go down and Penny's hoof go up. I was so scared that Jess got kicked in the face but thank goodness she didn't! She did, however, get kicked in the leg. We were both in a heap on the ground as everyone came rushing to our aid. I had to calm myself down because I was still looking to make sure she was breathing and wasn't bleeding! We ended up spending several hours in the ER waiting for x-ray reports and blood work but finally everything came back fine! Jess has a HUGE swollen hoof-print on her leg. Just an inch to the left and she surely would have broken her leg.

What a champ... Jessica still says that even though Penny bucked her off, she still loves her because it wasn't her fault. Jess still wants to try to ride Penny another time. The Womacks were so great... they helped us as much as they could and they kept apologizing. It's not their fault! We love and appreciate them so much. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends like that.

It's extremely late but I have some great photos of our adventure and even a couple of video clips of Jess riding Copper. She is soooooooo amazing! She is a true cowgirl because she has officially been initiated into the Cowgirl club! You have to be bucked off at least once to join that club. LOL

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Awesome Mom said...

What a way to get injured. I am glad she is ok. Kudos to her for wanting to get right back on the horse.