Monday, October 20, 2008

Prayers for Marcus

My new friend, Melanie, has posted a prayer request and RAK (random acts of kindness) for my nephew Marcus. Melanie is an awesome artist who among other things, designs stamps and makes the most beautiful cards and alterables. I came across Melanie's blog while browsing different blogs looking at cards that talented ladies like Melanie make. It's been therapeutic for me to get my mind off Jessica's and Marcus's medical problems while enjoying the gorgeous handiwork of others. I started leaving message here and there and apparently one of the messages that I left on Melanie's blog sparked her interest. She came over to the dark side... I mean to my blog and read all about Miss Jess and Marcus. Her heart went out to these two cousins and she wanted to do something special for them. We began emailing each other back and forth and I realized what a special person Melanie is. Apparently she has something up her sleeve about Miss Jess and I but right now I've asked her to concentrate solely on Marcus.

You see, Marcus is getting really bad very quickly. He is completely blind now and partially paralyzed. He is mentally and emotionally preparing himself for the afterlife. I am so proud of him! He listens to uplifting music and has his mom read to him about life after death from the best books. The whole family is preparing for him to leave. It's going to be hard for us all - especially for me and my family since we weren't able to travel to tell him good-bye nor will we be able to attend the funeral. Jessica's leg is starting to heal but she is still in so much pain every day and has to have the wound changes, and is so emotional... I just don't dare leave her. But Marcus knows how much we love him. We have always had a special connection. He "saved" me many years ago when he was an infant and Jessica was 3 yrs old, fighting for her life after a heart surgery went bad (hemorrhages, stroke, blindness, paralysis, blood infection). I would go to Karen's house and hold baby Marcus to me and rock him... I knew everything would be ok. Over the years he and Jessica seemed to have some connection and they have been best of friends. When Marcus was diagnosed with his brain tumor 2 years ago, Jessica talked to him on the phone and said, "If I can do this - then you can do it too!" Aunt Karen recently told Jessica that Marcus learned how to be strong from her. Jessica is so happy that she could help Marcus in some way.

Marcus may not last more than a few days... if even that. We are having to rely on our faith in God that we will be reunited again someday. Of course that day sure seems like a long time, but it will come. We are family and Marcus will watch over us from the "other side". Right now he is captive in his body as he prepares for his spirit to reunite with God and others who have gone before him. Preparations on the other side are being made to receive such a strong, wonderful young man. I am so proud to be able to call him my nephew. In a way I wish I could be there in that joyful reunion as he crosses through that veil and hears "well done".

If you have read this far and can see through your tears *wiping away my own*... Please visit Melanie's blog for her RAK and prayer request that she wrote. Hands, Head and Heart She posted a great picture of Marcus - one that he had professionally done just last month.

If you would like to send a card to Marcus and his parents, Karen & John, their address is:
Karen Russell or Marcus Russell
100 W. 500 S
Providence, UT 84332

You can also leave comments for the family and get updates at: (set up an account and then click on "visit a carepage".... enter "marcusrussell" no spaces - and it will take you to it) Or go to Karen's blog: I Made it Through Another Day

I know that when we placed Jessica into hospice all the emails, cards, and messages of support meant the world to us. In fact, all your lovely comments are always welcome and heartwarming. Please show your love to my sis and her family.

Thanks you!


Anonymous said...

We will add Marcus to our prayers.

Heather said...


If you can follow this. I found your blog thru Tanyastampnthings blog who reads Melanies blog who well you know the rest of the story. I just posted a post on my blog about your family and asked for prayer, and kindness for both you and your sisters families.

I sit here in tears now after reading Care Pages, and your entry.

May Gods Peace be with all of you during this time!

My Prayers are with you!

Heather Schlatter
Hutchinson Kansas

Rene said...

Oh Nancy, my heart breaks for your sister and what she is going through. It is NEVER easy to say goodbye to a loved one, especially a child. If it is ANY comfort to her, please tell her that Tommy is waiting up there in Heaven for Marcus with open arms.

Hugs, Hugs, and MORE Hugs!

Rene Dereksen

Melanie said...

I'm posting something else tomorrow. Hugs, girl