Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pictures of Jessica on (and off) the horses

Here are some pictures that I promised you and even a video clip of Jessica riding the horse.

Here is Copper saying "HI" to Jessica. Leisel is the girl holding Copper's reins.

Look at the procession! Leisel is getting ready to lead Copper, Sabin and his mom are on one side making sure that she doesn't fall, Brother Womack is on the other side and Daddy is pulling the oxygen tank.

Look at Miss Jess sitting on top of Copper as the sun is setting. She is really enjoying just sitting there for a few minutes.

Here she is in motion. On the video clip Jessica had just said, "My grandpa is a REAL cowboy" and then as I turned on the video camera you hear me say, "Yeah, my dad"... because my dad is who Jess was talking about. My dad had a cattle ranch for many years so he is a cowboy. ;) I had to suddenly stop the video because I realized I needed to jump over the oxygen tubing or I would get knocked down by it. LOL (Tavia is riding Penny in the background to your right)

Sabin is on the left while Sister Womack gives Jess a hug.

Daddy's turn for a hug!

Sabin is so cute. He has to get his hug.

Here is the troublemaker. Tavia. She is telling Jessica that she groomed Penny just for her. She got Penny all clean and ready for Jess to ride. I'm just kidding about Tavia being a troublemaker. We joke around all the time. Tavia is a lovely girl and we love her and her family to pieces. This photo was taking right before Jessica fell. This is the horse that got spooked and bucked Jess off. It's ok, we forgive you Penny. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't any body's fault. In fact, everyone rushed to Jessica to see if she was OK. Everyone was so attentive and apologetic. Karl and I feel bad that the Womacks feel responsible. It's just one of life's experiences and it was great to have friends who love and care about us so much. In fact, Sister Womack, Leisel and Sabin came to visit Jessica today. It was really nice.

After the fall and things got calmed down. I had two cameras around my neck when I reached out and pulled Jess off the horse and onto myself. Jessica has asked me several times if I took a video of her falling off the horse. uhmm... no. I was too busy catching you to take video, dear. LOL She's so funny. But look at how brave she is. She just took the fall of her life, not to mention a very scary on at that! And here she is smiling only about 20 minutes after it happened. (At least we fell on that "soft" dirt. We both would have been in a world of hurt had we fallen on concrete or an asphalt road!)

Is that a hoof-print that Karl is pointing at?

ahhhhh, a familiar site: paramedics attending to Jessica. Actually, the guy on the left was pretty cool. So was the one in the middle of the picture with his back 1/2 way turned. They didn't panic when we told them about Jessica's low sats. The dude taking her pulse was trying not to panic and insisted that her hands must be cold when her pulse-ox was at 82%. I said, "Jessica! 82%? That's pretty good! You ought to fall off a horse more often! " The paramedic on my left thought that was funny as Jess said her typical, "Oh mom." Karl was telling her that she was a real cowgirl now! You have to be bucked off a horse at least once to be a real cowgirl. ;)

The pros transpoting Jessica to our SUV. Jess did a really good job allowing them to move her. She insisted that she didn't want to be carried but she did what they told her to and they did great. As the one paramedic saw me taking these pictures he asked if they were for her "cowgirl scrapbook". I said, "you bet!" and handed him my business card. I'm just kidding! I didn't give him a card but I wonder how he knew about scrapbooks. Gee, do you think I missed out on a sale? (I sell Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies - doh!)

Not too happy waiting in the ER room. The pain is getting worse and we haven't been seen yet. At least she has an ice pack on.

We are finally eating something after the blood draw and x-ray. There is actually a picture of me! (not quite sure if that's such a good thing or not....)

Can you see Penny's autograph? Good thing she doesn't wear horseshoes or Jess most likely would have had a broken leg. I believe if she had been hit just one inch towards the center of her leg then it definitely would have been broken. We truly were blessed in so many ways.

Posing for the camera as we wait and wait for the results so we could go home. By that time the Oxycodone has taken effect and she was moving her leg, toes and foot around pretty well. We knew by that time that it was not broken but we needed to see if it even had a hairline fracture.

Yay! We are HOME and boy did Jessica miss her bunny, Mary! And of course her bed sure is more comfortable - and it has Barbies in it!

This is what her leg looked like on Monday, one day after the accident. Now it's a little less swollen but very dark purple and it's all around her leg. Very colorful! She is doing quite a bit better now but still needs more pain meds than usual. (she is up eating right now - 5:15 AM!)

While at the ER, the doctor (resident) came into the room and said, "so she has Tetrology of Fallot" and I said, "don't forget about the pulmonary atresia!" the doctor then went on to compare Jess with the girl who chewed the gum in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" and turned such a lovely color of blue. LOL I'm so glad he didn't panic over her. Later, when he came in to discharge us he said, "other than the hoof-print on her leg, she looks pretty good". LOL! He was pretty funny and really nice. He said it was great that Jessica was riding horses and making the most of her life. We try. We get worn out and get scared to death but we try. I can't tell you how scared I was as I was trying to pull Jess off the horse and onto myself and saw Jessica's head going down as the horse's hoof was coming up. We landed on the ground and I was trying to get Jess off my left side and lean her against me while trying to get her face up so I could see if she was bleeding, conscious or even alive. THAT was such a scary moment! wow! I'm trying not to relive that because she is fine. *deep breath* she. is. fine.

for now...


Melanie said...

Bless yor hearts, what an ADVENTURE! thanks for sharing the video, sorry I've been MIA, it will settle down after everyone in the hosue gets healthy and this release is over!!
thanks for your sweet comment on Gina's blog :) have a GREAT day!!

Awesome Mom said...

That poor leg! That is a very impressive bruise.

Melany aka Supermom said...

Love the photos of her on the horse. So beautiful. BUT GOSH THAT LEG LOOKS SORE!!!!

FibreJunky said...

Owie!!!! That looks like it HURT!!

That's the same way the EMTs carried me up the stairs the other day. Not fun - well, except one of 'em was really young and kinda cute...

Looks like she had a lot of fun, and she did really well even with being stomped on. SO glad it wasn't worse than a gigantic bruise. **shudder**