Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Very important prayer request & more


Rene and Rob have still been trying to find jobs, are trying to sell all their belongings and are still trying to find a way to get back to KY to reunite with their other children and family. Rob has heart problems himself and is limited as to what he can do for work but he is not "sick enough" to get social security. They have disconnected their internet and other "luxuries" and access the internet at the library. I haven't ever seen a family try so hard to raise money - especially for the cause of reuniting their family. Rene had some rude comments on her blog as to why she is trying to raise the money and I am just angered at such insolence. All they had to do is go back and skim through her blog to see how hard they have fought to care for their family. Tommy was a very, very sick little guy and they took care of him so well! It's just a tragedy! I was able to get the code for a paypal button so those of you who are able, can just click on it and send money to this family. I know I will use it.

Thank you so much.

I didn't get a chance to post about the passing of a very special little boy, Tommy, on August 20th. When I found out that he passed away, I was in shock and then cried like my heart would break. We have far too many children dying from congenital heart defects. This was quite a surprise since Tommy seemed to be improving and doing quite well. I'm really sorry that I didn't get to honor Tommy at the time of his passing but I am trying to do that now. BUT.... the story doesn't end here though... not by far.

Sweet Tommy - June of 08

Tommy and his brothers

I just found out that his family is in dire straights. Tommy's dad lost his job 5 days before Tommy died. The bills and lack of job have left the family destitute. They need to be able to move from SC to KY where a job is waiting for Tommy's mommy, Rene, but they are unable to afford to rent a truck to move their belongings. They will be able to stay with family while in KY while they get back on their feet. It's such a sad situation - one that I've seen before. Not only does the family have to deal with the sudden death of their son but they can't afford all the bills - and to lose the only income is just beyond what I can imagine having to go through. Rene's blog is Musings of A Heart Family ... here she describes more of what is going on. She also has so many great pictures and video clips of Tommy and his brothers... you can't help but fall in love! I've been following Tommy's progress for quite some time and he was such a sweetheart! It just breaks my heart that he is gone and his family is going through so much. Please pray for them.

There is a memorial fund set up for Tommy's family and if you find it in your hearts to send even just a little, maybe Rene and her family will be able to get back to KY and try to pick up the pieces of their lives.

The info for the memorial fund is: Thomas Dereksen Memorial Fund, Account #2006015960, First Federal, PO Box 118068, Charleston, SC 29423-9910

One CHD organization has donated some funds, which is very appreciated, but more is needed. As of Oct 31 they will be homeless.


falwyn said...

You can donate to them via Paypal as well - click on "Send Money" to sweetkotncandy@yahoo.com (the address she gave on her website). I wonder if there is a paypal option for the memorial fund as well?

Melanie said...

oh dear! :(